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Shit son, your on your own son!!!!!!!!

28 Nov

The informer I am speaking to is not active and has not been seen in any community I have been involved in since the g20. All contact I have had with him has been over the Phone. ….

Im writing this message to a certain g20 snitch who use to be cool, but couldnt keep to the code. STOP SNITCHING!!!!!

I was listening to a K Kobe song, a friend said its about Khalid but no its about you!!!! We use to be tight, hit on the same girls, role together and chill. I use to think about how when I get older I would wanna be like you and still get girls etc. You use to say you is solid as a rock, shit son your a fucken soup sandwich!!

How many times have I covered for you and cleaned up your messes? How many times have I chosen you over other comrades, cause yo soo hood? How many good friends have I lost cause I chose you?

Thats called Loyalty, something you know shit about!! See your not some student who fucked up, you use to be street, you know the code, say nothing!!!

But your werent just a simple snitch you were a fucken informer, snitching not once but many times. Not just on me and my crew but on your own fucken blood and heritage, thats fucken low man.

How did the pigs turn you? What did they have on you, i hope it was something serious and not just money, cause even for an informer boy thats really low!!!!!

You know I was loyal to you and i understand that the pigs use all sorts of tricks and torture to turn people. If you were in shit and had no choise to turn someone in, why didnt you tell me, we could have come up with a great story to tell these fucker, fuck id even get busted with like 20 choclate milk containers and you could have told your new friends, that I was planning to milk the g20 literally, you know thats what boys do for each other, eat charges, we would have had a good laugh after I got out, you knowing you didnt break and it would be all good.

I should have know there was something wrong with you when you were slamming Shawn Brant one of the solidist people in the world, but we all thought it was a ego trip, and ignored it.

So your new friends arent protecting you, I knew you were snitch for a long time after the g20 and when I called you all those times to talk shit about Khalid, I was giving you a chance to man up, but you didnt, even the last time we talked and I said over the phone your a snitch, you still didnt do that.

Your new friends ditched you, no witness protection no nothing, shit they dont role like we do you should have know that, they left Brendas picture on the OPP website and shes a cop, one of there own, what loyalty do you think they have for you.

I dont want violence against you, which is why i havent named you, if I could phone you I could find you, and if i wanted violent revenge I would have had it. But I dont, and none of us want to hurt you, cause what you did to yourself is worst then what anyone could do to you, and i want you to live with that. Everyone who use to be your family knows what a peace of shit you are and you know your not welcome back here, or anywhere else, your usefulness to the pigs is over so they dont give a fuck about you cause no one trusts you anymore, you have no peeps left cause you betrayed them all. Your alone, and you have to live with that. No theres nothing I can do to you that you didnt do to yourself, i want no violence to come to you, cause you did the most violent thing to yourself, you became there tool, the tool of a system that murdered and genocided your own peeps, a collaboratorer, a little pig!!!!! The only people who would have stuck by you no matter what , you sold out!!!!

Shit Son, Your on Your Own Son!!!!!