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People in Kitchener take to the streets to protest Bill C 51

29 May

Today people in Kitchener met in Montgomery Park to talk about Bill C 51 and take action. The first person who spoke discussed the history of the bill and examples of similar bills and how they were used by the state to criminalize dissent. Direct contrast was made between this bill and the UK anti terror act. Examples were given of how parts of that bill which are the same as Bill C 51 were used to criminalize everyone from Marian Price to Dee Fennel. The second speaker talked about how surveillance has increased since her political involvement and her association with well known activists, as well as the need for unity to stop this bill which will be used to criminalize those who are taking a stand in defense of the environment and our right to clean water and food. Several other speakers talked about how this bill will be used to consolidate power for those in party especially as a result of the constitutional crisis, the creation of the cartel model of political parties sans riding associations and bases of support, and the general lack of concern that professional politicians show towards the will of the people.

After speakers people took to the streets marching from Montgomery Park where the hiway enters the city to Victoria Park which is past the downtown of the city. This long march took place on the road despite police fuckery and a few idiots who tried to hit people with cars.

An intersection was the taken and protesters held it down to the dismay of the state forces who were helpless to stop this.

The march ended in Victoria Park where a BBQ was held and announcements were made for how people can get involved.

This event was quite successful as it both created community and resistance. With the vote in the senate taking place tomorrow actions like this are important so as to show that despite the states attempts to criminalize the just desires to determine there own destiny, people will resist.

Two years Interned – No British Justice! Francie Mackey Letter published Irish News 17th May 2013

18 May

From http://www.32csm.net

This week marks the entry into the third year Marian Price is interned without trial and is incarcerated on the word of a British Secretary of State.

Where is the justice in this maltreatment of a defenceless woman whose health has deteriorated according to reports to a level that she is almost unable to function as a whole person.

Her incarceration in solitary confinement is responsible for this deterioration, firstly in Maghaberry, then Hydebank and now in hospital.

Health professionals have revealed home care packages to treat Marian in a humane way and to date the British Government have refused to grant her that humanity.

The long drawn out process in recent times still has not revealed an outcome, all the while Marian continues to suffer and has renewed treatment in hospital.

Fifteen years on from the signing of the British Agreement, the treatment of Marian Price and others exposes that the injustice suffered at the hands of the British establishment hasn’t gone away.

The analysis of the Irish people throughout our history that there is No British Justice in Ireland is epitomised again with this deliberate maltreatment of Marian Price.

How much more can this woman and her family suffer, how much more are the politicians prepared to make her suffer before moving beyond lip-service to her torture.

Marian Price should be released immediately on humanitarian grounds due to the state of her health but she should also be released as a right because the spurious charges against her are not proven and innocent until proven guilty has gone out the door.

Marian Price is serving a sentence of inhumane treatment for the past two years and yet is not sentenced to a single day in gaol. Where is the Justice?

Francis Mackey

Marian Price Interned 700 Days

12 Apr

From IRPWA Webpage

Marian Price – Interned 700 days today

Marian Price 700 days of Illegal Internment and isolation today..You’ll not see that on the British news channels nor the date acknowledged by the British quislings and cohorts..Martin Corey,a man in his 60’s, 5 days off being Interned for 3 solid years without charge and suffering the brutality and violations of the Sectarian screws in MagHaberry Torture camp..Censorship and overtly blatant sectarian Apartheid still implemented on behalf of Westminster by culpable quislings in a puppet parliament.

Marian’s pardon has been admittedly destroyed by the British. The destruction of this document has meant that Marian has remained Incarcerated where the admitted criminal destruction of evidence should have seen Marian released immediately and those responsible for the destruction of evidence dragged before the courts.

May 13th will see 2 years since Marian was taken into custody.. April 16th will see 3 years since Martin Corey has been taken into custody.

The British have criminalised an ideology and thousands of men and women are at risk from this very British strategy of using license revocation to quell a unification credo.

Stand against British Criminalisation and British Internment!

Free Irish Internees!

IWD info picket to Free Marian Price!!

28 Feb

Friday, March 8, 2013.5:00pm.Kitchener City Hall

Marian Price, Irish Republican, Mother and Political Prisoner has been held in isolation for over 650 days, over six months of that in MagHaberry a mens jail, simply because of her politics. Her health is rapidly deteriorating, and international docters have demanded her release. Despite this and the recent loss of her sister,and international outcry, the British Occupational state in Northern Ireland is refusing to release her despite the FACT that they have no grounds to hold her. This International Womans Day join us for an info picket demanding her release. This event will be followed by a movie screening and fundraiser at 43 Queen St.S. All money raised will go to support the families of POWS.


20 Feb

.by Irish Freedom Committee, Inc. on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 12:22pm ·…CONTACT THERESA VILLIERS, NORTHERN IRELAND SECRETARY OF STATE, TO RELEASE MARIAN PRICE

Theresa Villiers holds the power to release Marian Price!!

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TODAY TO 1) COMPLETE THIS EASY ACTION AND 2) FORWARD TO ALL OF YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS. Marian Price is “Ireland’s Mandela”. Marian’s health has deteriorated drastically since her sister’s death last month. She can and should be released to home specialist medical care – the pretense of the British government having “lost” her Pardon is long past absurd and her continued imprisonment is cruel in the extreme. Your voice DOES HELP – Do not remain silent in this human rights travesty!!

We must all act NOW to see she is released as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please copy and paste the short letter below into the form at the address provided, leaving your contact details, and send today. More action steps to follow. RELEASE MARIAN NOW!!


1. GO TO http://www.theresavilliers.com/email/



I am extremely concerned about the dire physical state of your female Irish political prisoner Marian Price, and I am writing from the United States to demand her immediate and unconditional release on health grounds. As an Irish American I do not wish to live to see another needless and cruel death by slow torture of an Irish prisoner in a British-run prison. I ask now with urgency that sense and reason prevail, despite the total lack of compassion from your offices in this matter; and that Marian Price be released TODAY to live out her remaining days in intensive medical care surrounded by her family. The courtesy of your prompt response is anticipated. Most sincerely,



Set her Free! Let her grieve! Statement from 32CSM on The Continued internment of Marian Price after her sisters death!!!

25 Jan

From 32CSM webpage

Set her Free! Let her grieve!

The decision by the British Injustice system to keep Marian Price incarcerated following the death of her sister Dolours is disgraceful, though not surprising given their history of anti Irish sentiment and their blatant miscarriages of justice that are recognised worldwide.
Marian Price was jailed purely and simply as a scapegoat for the British government and a sop to Unionists: Not as they’d have you think for anything relating to justice.
She was granted a pardon in 1981 and released.. This pardon which would have proved that she had been released on behalf of this and not the license system was subsequently and admittedly destroyed by the British.The ramifications of a government subverting justice systems through the systematic destruction of evidence cannot be stressed enough.This weekend we will once again take to the streets in memory of those murdered by the British army on behalf of the British government. We can once again see that 41 years on, civil rights are still a privilege for a chosen section of the community as opposed to parity for all.Marian price, like Gerry Mc Geough, like Martin Corey and countless others have been excluded from proper justice, removed and incarcerated….Interned!
We ask people to make themselves heard… It is an absolute disgrace that Marian cannot grieve her sister.. Having once again been granted bail, the bitter sectarian system once again closed ranks to ensure that they could attribute blame without trial..
Demand that Marian be released! End British injustice! End British Internment!

Rest in Peace Dolours..

Letter Writing Night For Marian Price, Roger Clement,Leonard Peltier and The Cuban Five

10 Dec

Letter Writing Night For Marian Price, Roger Clement,Leonard Peltier and The Cuban Five

Wednesday, December 19, 2012.4:00pm..42 Queen St. South Kitchener

We have added Marian Price to this event since we found a way to get her Christmas cards, and have been trying to find a way to get her mail for a long time.

Come out, enjoy good company and write to anti imperialists locked inside the Belly of Beast here in North America. Find out about there cases, why the imperialists have imprisoned them and help bring them some holiday cheer.

Brought To You By KW Anti Colonialist Working Group