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Meeting With Consulate of Lithuania was posative

26 Jul

Despite traffic and an accident on the 401 highway, making me late, I sat down with Paul Kuras Consul General of Lithunaia to discuss concern around the case of Michael Campbell. The discussion was very posative, as we discussed the need for him to be sent home. This was followed by handing in letters we got asking for him to be repatriated.


Letter to send to Lithuanian Consulates to Repatriate Micheal Campbell

16 Jul

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing in support of Irish Citizen Michael Campbell who is currently in Lithuanian Custody and awaiting judgement from the Appeals court of Lithuania.

As an Irish Citizen, it is Michael’s right to be Repatriated to Ireland to complete the remainder of his sentence, however continued legal action against Michael directed by the Lithuanian Prosecutors office has prevented this right from being recognised.

Considering :

(i) The Report to the Lithuanian Government on the visit to Lithuania carried out by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)

(ii) Crucial judgement’s delivered preventing the extradition of Irish Citizens to Lithuania based on this report,


(iii) accepting the length of time Michael Campbell has already spent in Lithuanian custody,

it is a matter of some urgency that current proceedings against Michael Campbell are concluded speedily and fairly while all if any pending or proposed proceedings are promptly discarded.

We seek humanity.

Yours in appreciation.

July 17th Telephone jam to repatriate Michael Campbell

11 Jul

On July 17th Anti Colonialist Working Group is calling on all people to take a moment of their time and call the Lithuanian Consulate in Toronto to demand express your outrage at the fact that Micheal Campbell, an Irish National has not yet been repatriated to his nation and instead is enduring brutal conditions unfit for humans in a Lithuanian Gaol despite EU law. When calling please be polite and if you feel confortable identify yourself.Below is the Phone number, if no one answers please leave a message

416 538 2992