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Harpers “Panda” incident is typical of colonialist contempt!!

26 Mar

This blog is aimed at settlers in KKKanada, indigenous peoples of this territory dont need a settler to tell them what they already know!!!
Yesterday, after treking 1600 km to parliment to address concerns about attacks on their hereditary rights, the Nishiyuu walkers, were snubbed by Harper, who instead of meeting with them decided to accept some Panda’s sent from China.

On Facebook many people made jokes about this, some seeing this as a gaff on his part, others as poor politics, but the reality of the situation is that this act was an open provocation. By refusing to meet with Indigenous youth, whose lands he is on he was sending a message, and the message is totally in line with his new forieghn policy, which is that, the old arrangements are over and as such he is bound neither by treaty or international law.

In other words, protest all you want, go to your MP’s, sighn as many petitions as you can, and you will be ignored. if the issues that you raise gain credability and generate international opinion, this too can be ignored, and your character will be attacked in the corparate media, eg. Cheif Spence

This new arrangement in Colonialist relations here and abroad simply put is based on rule by decree and blatent force. Whether ignoring international law in support of Zionist genocide against Palestinians, attacking Cuba, continueing an illegal occupation of Afghanistan or destroying treatys that legitimise the existance of a settler state here in KKKanada, Harpers message is the same, rule of law, treaties and international agreements can be ignored as discussion and politics is replaced with the ideology of might makes right.

What this means is that Colonialism no longer needs to have a human face and the farce of democracy can be scrapped, replaced with brutal open honest capitalist exploitation and rule of the rich. With the collapse of the eastern bloc and the emergence of the hegemony of the Anglo Imperialist alliance, capitalism and imperialism see no reason to play nice any more and as such are working to destroy all the old arrangements. This means an attack on international law, scrapping the labour manegement alliance and destroying an sort of arrangement that gets in there way of accelerated exploitation and genocide of colonized peoples here and abroad.

In light of this it does not serve anyones interest to wish for or hope for a return of the old arrangements. These arrangement are gone and wont come back. Nor does it do anyone any good to hold an nostolgia of the days of Trudeau who had no problem sending the tanks in the streets when the French people in Quebec could not be bought off and demanded the right to determine there own destiny. After all it was under these old arrangements that a U$Democrat invaded and murder 4 million people in Vietnam, while unleashing counter insurgency programs aimed at wiping out resistance at Pine Ridge Reservation and killed Fred Hampton in his sleep.

What we must do, as setllers is fight for new arrangements that serve all. This starts with recognizing the fact that Indigenous Hereditary rights are not negotiable!!!!!As such it is our duty not only to respect these rights but uphold our side of the two row by dismantaling the colonialist state that kills in our name. This, my friends cant be done through any of the old ways such as relying on politicians, lobbying etc. and playing there games. We need to create our own independent politics based on a concrete analysis of the present reality, and use this as a weapon to resist this system that lives off the blood of the exploited and oppressed before it claims more victims