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Letter Writing Night For Marian Price, Roger Clement,Leonard Peltier and The Cuban Five

10 Dec

Letter Writing Night For Marian Price, Roger Clement,Leonard Peltier and The Cuban Five

Wednesday, December 19, 2012.4:00pm..42 Queen St. South Kitchener

We have added Marian Price to this event since we found a way to get her Christmas cards, and have been trying to find a way to get her mail for a long time.

Come out, enjoy good company and write to anti imperialists locked inside the Belly of Beast here in North America. Find out about there cases, why the imperialists have imprisoned them and help bring them some holiday cheer.

Brought To You By KW Anti Colonialist Working Group

The Roger Clement I know

29 Nov

Roger Clement, Dedicated Cuba activist, community organizor and all around good guy was recently denied parole. His orginial charges, which i dont want to comment on cause i dont know the specifics,(to say that his charges and conviction are shifty is an understatement) are that he was allegged to have participated in a firebombing action at an RBC, which was financing the destruction of native land during the 2010 olympics and still are, allow the media to portay him as a fanatic, terrorist etc.

These allegations fly in the face of the Roger Clement that I have known and I feel it was time ithat I said something. I met Roger around the issue of Cuba, particularly the effect of the blockade and the U$ dirty war on children and civilians. This cause was something that was dear to both of our hearts. meeting Roger and talking about the issue of Cuba and the us attacks on Cuba one could see a warm in his eyes, and to anyone who knew roger, they could tell that to him this wasnt just some issue but something he cares about deeply. When talking about the gains of the revolution his interests werent necessary the military gains but things like the fact that Cuba would guareentee a litre of milk to everychild under seven, even during the special period, the fact that they wiped out illiteracy etc. demonstrating that his interests in Cuba came from a place of humanism and what drew him to the cause were the humanitarian gains of the revolution.

He was very active in raiseing the issue of the Cuban Five (now four since one is out) and when talking about the five one could see that he actually felt for them and was really appauled by the brutalization of humans in jail being tortured for there defence of their home land.

Roger also has has supported the social programs that we were implementing in KW around poverty, drugs and basic rights to housing and dignity. Whenevr I would meet him at a Cuba conference or he would meet someone i know he would ask how these programs were going and once even wrote a huge check to fund these programs out of his own pocket (to some it might not seem huge but to us it was)

From what i get from my conversations and knowing him, his interest in politics comes not from a place of militarism but rather of humanism, he is one of the most caring person i know and the best example is talking to people who get mail from his he says dont support me support the people in Cuba.

I ahve tried writing to him, but my mail has a way of getting lost, some doesnt even make it to jail. Many commies who should be standing behind him are now distancing themselves etc., which is sad, because from what I know about the life he leads he is a perfect example of the new person whom che guevara talks about. Roger has been an inspiration and if anyone reads this who is in contact with roger, let him know i think about him alot!!!!