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This Friday phone jam Trudeau’s office and demand that Ambassador Vickers be recalled.

28 May

Friday June 3rd all day

Anti Colonial Working Groups is calling on all people to join us and demand that Ambassador Vickers be recalled from Ireland for interfering in Ireland’s sovereign affairs by attending a politically divisive event without a mandate to do so and then physically attacking an Irish Citizen who had every right to protest the fact that his relatives who died in the 1916 uprising were being remembered alongside those that did the butchering. Join us in demanding that a person who violated there diplomatic mandate and assaulted a citizen of a country where he was a guest be recalled.

Anti Colonial Working Group Condemns attack of Canadian Ambassador on Relative of 1916 Hero

28 May

CC Bardish Chagger MP
Office of the Prime Minister

Anti Colonial Working Group firmly condemns the attack on an Irish citizen by Canadian Ambassador Vickers. Furthermore we condemn the attendance of a representative of the Canadian state at a function that is clearly taking a stand at the internal affairs of the Irish people, mainly the commemoration of British soldiers alongside the hero’s of 1916 who fought to shake off the colonialist yoke.

Anti Colonial Working Group would ask of the recently elected Liberal government where in your platform or in The House of Commons has there been any discussion or semblance of discourse that the Canadian state (or your party) has taken any position on the situation in Ireland, particularly on such a controversial issue as the celebration of the troops that murdered the 1916 hero’s alongside those they butchered. Since there is no mandate from either the Liberal Party, the Canadian State or people living in this territory for this so-called Diplomat to take a position on such an issue why was he at an event that promotes a divisive political stance that is not endorsed by either your party, the Canadian State or the people whom you claim to represent.

Furthermore to attack a Irish Citizen whose family fought in the 1916 rebellion simply for protesting the honouring of British Soldiers alongside his family is quite inappropriate and intervening in internal matters of another nation a clear breach of diplomatic norms. By resorting to the use of force in a conflict that he has no right to comment on Vickers has shown the world that Canada, which has its own colonialist legacy, still upholds the anti political dictate that might makes right. The Liberal government was elected because of the promise of a change from the old Harper way of doing things and the fact that the electorate is sick of warmongering, as such Anti Colonial Working Group calls on the immediate recall of Ambassador Vickers from Ireland and a removal of ambassadorial functions since the only diplomacy he is good at is violence and force.