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taking the streets in solidarity with Quebec, preparing to intensify saturday!!!!

31 May

on Wed, May 30th students, professors street youth and workers took to the streets in Kitchener in Solidarity with the Quebec student strike and to demand FREE education.

People started at Kitchener city hall banging on pats on pans and making noise, soon the whole of King st was occupied by people in an attempt to spread the student strike in Ontario.

Despite the heavy police presence intersections were occupied, police cars were blocked and the people marched in defiance.

After the March people occupied the front steps of the farmers market in east end kitchener where messages from quebec students were heard. Workers and professers and students also spoke in this public forum and vowed to continue the intensification to spread the social strike to ontario.

Protestors said they would return to city hall this saturday at 7 o’clock to contiue the intensification and to protest Harpers anti masking laws.
Spread the social strike!!!
Solidarity with quebec!!!!

Update on Marian Price and Reminder about info and letter writing night on Marian Price Today!!

30 May

Reminder today at 7 at queen st. commons 43 queen st Downtown kitchener we are having an info night
and letter writing campiaghn around Marian Price . Her health has so seriously deteriorated that she is missing visits and confined in a wheelchair, so come out and support. Below is an update from 32CSM about Marian Price

Sunday 13 May 2012
The 32csm acknowledge that the decision to drop the politically motivated charges arising from the 2011 Easter commemoration against Marian Price, Patrick MacDaid, Marvin Canning and Frankie Quigley was the only logical outcome.

Spurious charges were brought against these 32CSM members in an attempt to intimidate all engaged in spreading the Republican political message. With the dropping of these charges it is becoming ever more clear that there is no legal or moral right for the British government to continue the internment of Marian Price. Marian was released on bail on the original charges before being interned for unspecified “security reasons” on the word of a British secretary of state Owen Patterson. Marian was given a pardon upon her original release from jail and was not released on licence and therefore her imprisonment has no legitimate legal basis. The British government has claimed that they cannot find this pardon or have shredded it.
This blatant disregard for human rights and due process is an example of British justice in Ireland. We thank all those who have raised concerns and joined the campaign to call for Marian’s immediate release. The eyes of the world are watching the six counties once again as the British government continues it’s shameful legacy of internment and abuse of Republicans. We call on them to release Marian who’s health has deteriorated to the point that she cannot even attend court. We will not stop our campaign until she is at home once again with her family.

Fuck Christie Blatchford, support Kelly Pflug Back!!!!!!

30 May

When i started to read Christie Blatchfords piece on Kellys sentencing, which will continue on July 13th I felt simultaneously nausea, rage and sickness.

Those who are acquainted with Blatchfords writing will not find this surprising, after all that is the feeling that most people feel when they read her work, she is after all a supporter of white supremacists, racists and all things that reek of reaction, but the spin that she put on this story was so out of context with the on the ground reality that I have to wonder if she just woke up and after writing drivel for some many years just snapped and lost it.

Here is a person, who has dedicated there life to the community looking at 18-24 months in jail, who is accused of leading all the “g20 Violence” simply because she allegedly told someone NOT to smash a window of a small property owner. Yes you heard me correctly, she led the violence by allegedly telling someone NOT to smash a window. How fucked up this that?

Kelly who has already served some time, has spent most of the time since the g20 under sever house arrest stopping her from organizing and helping people in her community as well pretty much stealing her from her friends and loved ones, signficantly impacting her health and the health of her community as a whole as a result of the decline of on the grounds Peoples programs that she was instrumental in creating.

What really hit me, when reading this article was after all that Kelly has been through, with the state hungry for her blood and looking for someone to target and scapegoat, the state wants to steal two more years of her life, by locking her up and the evidence that the are using to “prove” that she was one of the ringleaders was the fact that she allegedly told someone NOT to smash a window. How fucked up is that.

Blatchford through her piece has proven once again how low the corporate media will stoop to demonize and criminalize anyone who is organizing and resisting.

What is really Ironic about the piece is that the real g20 violence was what was happening behind the fence where the self-appointed leaders of the world were sitting and planning the austerity that we now feel and the neo colonial violence that these leaders are perpetrating in the name of fighting terror and other such bullshit.

There is something that Blatchford, in her delusions accidentally did get right though, most people of Toronto did sit by and allow the shit to go down because they were fed up with being attacked, criminalized and brutalized by the cops for a whole week leading up the “violence”. This violence that saw people rights and liberties being stolen as the police state pretty much put Toronto on military lockdown for a week leading up to the saturday is missing from blatchfords article as is the infiltration and attack by the state a year and a half leading up to the g20 and the impact that this had and still is having on people’s lives.

Blatchford, by writing this delusional peace has once again shown people that any idiot who has a computer can write for the national post as long as they are on the side of reaction and criminalization. FUCK BLATCHFORD SUPPORT KELLY!!!!

Pack The Court Monday For Kelly Pflug Back Sentencing!!!!! WCCC callout!!!!

27 May

Monday.10:00am.. MONDAY, MAY 28th – OLD TORONTO CITY HALL @ 10 AM
The WCCC calls to pack the courtroom at Old Toronto City Hall Monday (10 AM) for the final verdict of our sister’s trial, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back. Kelly is being convicted of six counts of mischief over $ 5000, as well as one… count of being masked with the intent of committing a crime regarding the actions that took place during Toronto G20 Summit in 2010.

Kelly has been a fierce inspiration as an anti-poverty activist in creating harm reduction programs for street involved youth and has also been involved in solidarity with indigenous struggles across Turtle Island for the defence of their territories. She has been targeted by the police and the media as being one of the sole authors of so-called mayhem on Toronto streets during the Toronto G20 protests, and has had to endure one of the most restrictive bail conditions since her release from pre-trial custody, including several months on house arrest/recent curfew, no public demonstration conditions, and non-association with many dozens of people including her closest friends and comrades.

This Monday, let us make it clear to the courts that Kelly is not alone in the face of this ongoing criminalization of dissent that has heavily impacted our communities in resistance. We will be there at the court to support her, her family and friends during this difficult period. She will continue to be an inspiration to her friends, comrades and community at large, and that this conviction will only serve to further our solidarity, love and rage against this broken/bankrupt system.

If one falls, ten shall rise up.
WCCC [Toronto]

For More info on the Case:

Demo in Solidarity With Quebec Strike, opposing Bills C 78 and Federal Bill C 309

26 May

This seems like an interesting demonstration I came across!!!people should pass it on, show up and support it!!!!

Somebody Arrest Me!
Solidarity with the struggle in Quebec. Against the criminalization of dissent.
Opposing Bill C 78 and the Federal Bill C 309

Saturday June 2nd, 7pm
Kitchener City Hall, and neighbourhood

Bring your Masks, Bring your Pots and Pans, Claim our Freedom to Dissent, Protesting is not a Crime!

We will wear masks and hear speeches about the struggle in Quebec, the international assault on the poor, and the Federal Bill C 309.

Then we will disobey. We will march in our masks.

Bring your pots and pans. As demos in Quebec have been incorporating the clanging of pots and pans – we will do the same!

Some masks will be available as supplies last. Feel free to wear any type of mask that you’d like.
Get creative; we can have fun, mocking these laws!


As of May 26, students in Quebec are on their 104th day of strike and protest against proposed tuition increases.
A violent clamp down has taken place and police brutality is rampant. Serious injuries have resulted.
On May 18, 2012 Bill C 78 was passed into law. The law restricts the ability to demonstrate and organize opposition to the system.
The legislation provides for fines of $3,000 for wearing a mask.
Penalties climb to between $7,000 and $35,000 for a student leader and to between $25,000 and $125,000 for unions or
student federations who organize protests outside of the fascist framework of the bill.
The struggle is only growing and intensifying in response!!!!
Read some of the ‘highlights’ of the bill along with some criticism here:

There is also legislation in the works that threatens to further criminalize dissent, across the Nation State. Federal Standing Bill C-309

Conservative backbencher Blake Richards is proposing penalties of up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000
for protesters who wear a mask or disguise.

This is an amendment to existing laws that seeks to allow for the arrest of anyone wearing a mask at a protest,

even if they are not said to have done anything else illegal.

Blake Richards, MP Wild Rose AB, put forward ‘An Act to amend the Criminal Code (concealment of identity)’, in a private members bill-

a bill introduced in the House of Commons by a member of parliament who is not a cabinet minister.

A private member’s bill follows the same legislative process as a government bill, but the time allocated for its consideration is restricted.

Bill C 309, titled ‘Preventing Persons from Concealing Their Identity during Riots and Unlawful Assemblies Act’, was presented in a Committee Report
on Feb 15, 2012. Having passed that, the Bill will now be read a second time and referred to the Standing Bill C 309.

Read the entire bill. Its short!
(due to restrictions at the govt web site, you will likely have to cut and paste this address)

Free Marian Price Information Session and letter writing night!!!

26 May


Come out and Find out more information about Marian Price, an Irish Republican being interned by Britain due to her political views and what you can do to support. The event will have people speak to this issue as well as allow people to write to Owen Patterson, unelected secretary of state of Northern Ireland demanding an end to her internment

Wed. May 30th 7pm Queen St. Commons 43 Queen St. S.

Downtown Kitchener

With the intensification of strugglle and the student strike in Quebec, let us not forget our comrades in the belly of the Beast

25 May

So today I got a letter from Mandy Hiscocks in jail. I really like getting letters from Mandy cause even though she is locked in jail at Vanier “correctional centre” for women, her letters always put a smile on my face.

In the past I use to never write to my friends inside and just accept phonecalls. It was more convenient, easy and although i would have huge phonebills it would save me time as well most people never get my letters anyways.

it was only after the g20 and the public finally waking up to police state tactics that I started to write to people who are my friends locked up.

People, probably due to public scrutiny started getting my letters, although I know for a fact that quite a few prisoners have not received anything i wrote to them. Its kinda funny how often my letters get “lost” in the mail.

The first time I wrote to mandy was after I visited her and she told me that the best thing i could do was not put money in her canteen, or wait for her calls but write to her. I decided then that my letters would get through and i would self censor myself. So what to write to someone whose relationship to you is political but will get through the censors? Since jail is boring and depressing I decided to write funny things that happenned in my everyday life. Stuff such as x imitating me when i drink eg. “yoooooouu FUGGGGENNNN middle classs intellectuals , you SUCK!!!!”, or stories such as when I drank 2 goldfish at a punk show to win the grand door prize which turned out to be really cheap porn which i had to carry all over toronto and still am trying to sell to adult video stores because i dont want my sacrifice to be for nothing(Mandy still doesnt believe this despite various witnesses including a vegan who was more concerned for the goldfish then my health…lol), or pranks i play on my friends.

I also tell her stuff like who I have a crush on, whats going on in my life and other such things.

Slowly i started to write about political actions, send her articles about Cuba and anti imperialist struggles, my legal battles, my health etc.

Every time she gets my letters she cracks up laughing esp. when she hears some of my antics. political stories work to keep up her spirit and its a way in which she keeps in touch with the outside.

Whenever I get a letter from her I am really happy because she tells me whats going on, she jokes around and I always learn something I didnt know before.

Currently our struggle here in Canada is going through a period of intensity. In the last 3 days I attended a demo in solidarity with Quebec students, two pickets for the princes visit,a disruption of Toronto council decision to close the schoolhouse homeless shelter, a picket for migrant workers whose wages are cut by Harper’s new law, as well as the usual meetings etc. due to the fact that we are living in a time of austerity and struggle. And if we learned anything mass struggle equals mass repression.

in terms of the 100 day students strike in Quebec several comrades of mine from Toronto are facing serious charges and have received beatdowns for going down to Quebec to participate in this struggle. With people in Ontario planning to intensify our solidarity with this struggle, as well as talk of spreading the struggle here, it is obvious that more and more of our friends and members of the movement will spend time in jail, waiting for bail, have bullshit conditions that stop them from seeing friends family and loved ones and that the repression will increase.

When we fight and beat back victories from a state that criminalizes and attacks us, let us not forget our comrades and friends who are in the belly of the beast or up on charges and try to keep them in the loop and as part of our movement. it can just be as simple as writing a letter. Let us proudly stand behind our political prisoners and let the state know that even if they steal there bodies from our community we will never forget them!!!!!!

Report on Marian Price and anti colonialist pickets during “royal” visits!!

23 May

On May 22nd members of the Anti Colonialist Working Group picketed the ceremony of Camilla Parker-
Bowles becoming Colonel-in-Chief of The Queen’s Own Rifles at Moss Park Armories in Toronto to demand the freedom of Irish Republican Prisoner Marian Price, who is currently interned by Britain.
Members handed out flyers and received a very positive reception from people in this working class neighbourhood, with several people grabbing handful of flyers to hand to friends and co-workers. Even those who went to see Camilla were shocked and outraged by the fact that Marian Price is being held unlawfully in solitary confinement and was held for about 9 months in an all-men’s prison.
Speeches were given about the illegal internment of Marian Price and people defiantly chanted throughout Camilla’s decadent ceremony. A statement from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement on Marian Price’s illegal internment was read aloud.
Shortly thereafter members of The Anti Colonialist Working Group joined anarchist and anti monarch comrades who decided to pay Prince Charles a visit at the well-heeled Distillery District. The crowd, largely made up of upper-class anglophiles, were not so receptive and various arguments were held with various police services intent on removing us. After reading a scathing condemnation of the monarchy, the disgusting waste of money this royal visit is in a time of austerity, and a statement on Marian Price, police physically moved protestors to the sidewalk, pushing some and clothes lining one when he got too close to the motorcade. Despite this protestors chanted “Free Marian Price, Down with the Monarchy” and significantly delayed the ceremony. People also sang songs like “Go on Home Prince Charles, Go On Home” (a remake of Go On Home British Soldier Go On Home”), demanding an end to British imperialist wars of aggression and freedom for all prisoners of war and consciousness held by Britain around the world.
Despite the media blackout around this event, Camilla, the Prince, and British intelligence know that despite whatever stop they make to dine at the trough the peoples of the world will demand justice and shout that support for Marian Price is global!!!

Support The Seven Republicans illegally arrested in N. Ireland

20 May

Statement from the Organizers of The May 22nd Demonstration To Free Marian Price
Support the Seven Republicans Arrested
In the last several days, The British occupation, under the guise of fighting terrorism, has illegally kidnapped and detained seven Republicans. This attack on the Republican movement shows the despair the British occupiers are facing whereby they will do whatever they must to destroy the back of the Irish Republican movement. Examples of their desperate treachery include resorting to terrorist methods of wholesale arrests, internment, and criminalization of all those who seek an end to British occupation of the six counties in the North.
We must not buy into the lies of the corporate media which claims that those arrested are criminals and terrorists. The real criminals and terrorists are sitting in British Parliament imposing terror not only in the six counties but around the world. After all it was not the Real IRA that imposed the Balfour Declaration, invaded Africa or murdered 100 million Indigenous people in this territory called Canada. We must unconditionally support all those fighting imperialism and stand with all POWs, political prisoners, and those interned in the six counties fighting for national sovereignty.
Political Status for all Irish Republican Prisoners
Support the Palestinian Resistance
Free Ireland, Free Palestine!!!
Free Marian Price!!!

Byron Sonnes Aquital A victory For The People!!!!!

18 May

After spending 11 months in jail, having his marriage destroyed, having to live under severe and restrictive conditions, as well as having his named smeared in all major papers, Byron Sonnes, computer expert arrested on the eve of Torontos g20 protest on seriously bullshit charges was just found not guilty!!!!

Sonnes, who was the most penalized of all g20 arrestees fought an uphill battle and by winning this victory in court he not only won his freedom but demonstrated how sadistic and cruel the state really is to anyone that will question its agenda or attempt to push boundaries.

Within the last several years the crown, police and media has demonized him so much that not one month went by without some sort of comment being made to smear his name and drag his character through the mud, when he was found not guilty all people were able to see the true nature of the state and what it will do to break anyone who objects or trys to push the boundaries that should be considered normal in a true democratic society!!!

By him beating the charges the real criminals have been exposed, the state, the crowns office, The OPP, Canadian military etc.

Though his victory is enormous and he is vindicated this not guilty verdict will not bring back his wife, nor give him back the 11 months in jail, nor will it remedy any of the trama that he suffered at the hand of the state, and though this victory is important to the movement for exposing the dirty tricks of the state it has come at the expense of his suffering and destruction of his previously normal life.

So while i cheer at this victory i recognize that it came at a great price, one i myself did not have to pay. I salute Byron Sommes for the courage that he has displayed in facing this monstrosity called the state and winning!!!!!!

I consider Byron a hero and wish him success!!!