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30 Jun

In response to a workshop done by a comrade in Toronto on the cuts to welfare and disability as well as the war on the poor carried out by the Liberals, two groups of individuals from tent city decided to put theory into action and do something about it. The first group dressed conservatively infiltrated the Liberal office to keep the door open in case they locked it and the second group joined them thirty seconds later. A banner was unfurled and key areas of the office were occupied. Liberal puppet lackeys stopped what they were doing and attempted to tell us we couldn’t sit behind the desk even though it was quite clear that we were doing just that , as well they were telling us we couldn’t occupy the office despite the fact that that was what was going on.

The issue of the cuts was raised and police were called, and the Liberal puppets were trying to tell us that the constituency office was non partisan. When it was pointed out that the MPP was a Liberal party member, who had to follow liberal party discipline and vote the way in which they were told, they felt that if they repeated the same sentence over and over again somehow it would become magically true.

They kept on stating that we should make an appointment but it was pointed out that this was futile as all that would happened would be the MPP would sit listen (or not) and then vote the way they were told to vote which would legitimize the war on the poor that they were carrying out as they could say we listened or some shit like that ignoring the fact that it would be a waste of everyones time.

A person then started to state that what the liberals were doing with the cuts to ow and disability was basically killing them and spoke about the impact these cuts had on them.

Finally an appointment was agreed on and people left.

As people left it became clear that this was just the start and intensification would continue as the escalation on the war on the poor would create an escalation of resistance.

Police harassment at tent city

27 Jun

Message of Solidarity with Tent City from Derry City Councillor and Irish Republican Gary Donnelly

23 Jun

Friends and comrades, I would like to send solidarity greetings from Ireland in support of this very important initiative undertaken by yourselves.Gentrification represents all that is bad for society. Greed, survival of the fittest, bullying and the marginalisation of the weak and most vulnerable.
Wealthy individuals and organisations displace low income families and small business’s. Forced out, changing the social character of the district with absolutely no thought for the long term residents. This usually follows a campaign of neglect and intimidation by those in power. Sound familiar? Just ask the indigenous people, treated with contempt and under protected. Slowly being eradicated by the Harper Government. So too are the minorities, elderly and transient groups who are victims of gentrification. Inner Cities are allowed to decay with neglect. Coupled with police brutality and murders, a spiralling drug problem allowed to get out of control, overdoses and no attempt to deal with the social issues make it easier to sell gentrification as dealing with undesirables and safety. The reality is more to do with greed and the powerful displacing the powerless who are easily exploited by landlords and developers.
I would like to commend the organisers of this event for taking this courageous stand in defence of your community. We have a duty to resist and highlight injustices where ever they occur and hopefully your lead will be the spark which lights the fire against this injustice. Beir bua.

Tent City and Anti-Gentrification March a Success

23 Jun

On June 22 victims of gentrification and the capitalist system met at City Hall to take a stand against the destruction of our communities. After several speeches, including a message from Derry city councillor and Irish Republican Gary Donnelly, people took to the streets. Intersections were blocked and traffic was stopped as economic disruption was the order of the day. The march ended in Victoria Park where food was served, discussions were held and tents were set up. Despite police and tornado warnings we intend to keep this community going for the next 9 days.

Report on yesterdays march against Harpers state terror laws

21 Jun

Yesterday people gathered at City Hall to take a stand against the criminal aspects of the so called anti terror law passed by Harper. Known as Bill C 51 this law creates the conditions to intensify the police state by codifying in the law the dirty tricks that the state is currently carrying out against native people, Muslims and activists.

Due to legal reasons i could not attend the start of the demo at city hall, but was told that there were no speeches just a revolutionary spirit of need for action as people took to the streets. When the march got to speakers corner I joined as people were giving speeches and the spirit of the speeches made it quite clear that we could not rely on the state or politicians to do anything to change this but rather we must rely on ourselves, our organizations and our community’s to resist this and fight back. It was clear from the tone of the demonstration and speeches that demonstrators realised that politicians have done away with any pretense of democracy as both the house of commons and the senate have ignored millions of people protesting writing letters emails etc. and that the state no longer cares about pretending that the people have any say and as such the people themselves must organize and reject this failed colonialist state that will rule by decree.

After the speeches at speakers corner the march marched to the farmers market where more speeches were given and crowds of shoppers have gathered to hear the speeches and cheer people on. The march continued for several more blocks and then turned around and marched back to farmers market and speakers corner and then back to city hall. I left the march at speakers corner.

During the march people in the streets where cheering and clapping and supporting. The level of support for resistance to this new law in the community was quite clear during the march. Despite the fact that this law is now passed it is quite clear that people will continue to resist and this demonstration is just the start. Solidarity was given to those who are currently being detained in The North of Ireland under the UK 2000 anti terror act which was the law which this law in harpers klanada is based on. Cases brought up included the Craigavon Two , Dee Fennel, Colin Duffy and others.

Message from Anti Colonialist Working Group Read at Belfast 32CSM function last night

20 Jun

Revolutionary greeting to our comrades in the 32CSM it’s leadership and supporters. We of anti colonialist working group applaud the work of the Belfast chapter and wish you success for your fundraiser that you are holding as well as applaud all the work that you do to oppose the british occupation of your country as well as defense of your community. From the cleanup of new lodge to opposing sectarian parades to combating the drug problem the Belfast 32s have always been in the for front of the struggle fighting for an end to the
Occupation of you country and community control.

Here in kkkanada we stand with you in solidarity and struggle and despite the great distance between us our friendship and support is strong as ever. Over the next few months we aim to intensify our support for you and your organization and through raising the issues in rally speeches occupations of the british consulate and economic disruption stand with you in your struggle and oppose those that attack you wherever they may be. We hope your event is a success and once again we wish you success in your endeavour. Anti colonialist working group

Fighting Gentrification, Disruption of Pan Am Torch Event In Kitchener

19 Jun

Why i disrupted the pan am games torch run in Kitchener

18 Jun

When people think of the pan an games they think of friendship solidarity and such nice things the reality is that there is a dark side to this. While the world sees lights and cameras and such the reality is that community’s are being destroyed and attacked due to the fact that they are seen as undesirable elements. Preparations in Toronto for the games include the intensified gentrification of the downtown east side intensified policing and social cleansing. To top it off this year under the cover of the pan am games a summit is being held by war criminals exploiters and neo liberal flukes to intensify the attacks on the peoples of the world and their right to determine their own destiny.

In Kitchener as a lead up to the torch run their was an intensified police presence in the core and the intensified attacks on the homeless. Earlier today I witnessed several police officers harassing people several times due to the fact that they looked undesirable and as well have confirmed from city workers that posters promoting the upcoming tent city were torn down so as not to bring disrepute to the city. If posters that talk about the”undesireable” are unwanted what does that say about how the poor people themselves will be treated.

So I went today to city hall to take a stand and when the moment arrived I took that stand by jumping on the stage grabbing the mike and denouncing the games and the destruction that they bring with them.I was dragged off the stage and told I may be facing charges. After this it was decided by the police that at this point charges are not laid but if I am seen in certain areas of the city charges will be laid I agreed to this. This is gone on monday. Some people whom have been friends and supporters were hurt by what I have done and I am sorry for hurting their feelings however I feel it is important to take a stand against the gentrification and increased attacks on the poor here as a result of the games and the devastation brought by the congress that will be held under the cover of the games abroad that I am willing to risk my freedom resisting this. I have no problem staying out of those parts of the city till monday and I do keep my word.

Not in Public interest to hold lying cops accountable, Crown refuses to lay charges on cop who lied on stand.

18 Jun

Today Greg Thornton went to court to give evidence against Cont. Dietrich who lied on the stand again and again so that her brother officer would not be held accountable for smashing Greg in the face among other things. Instead of holding the hearing where evidence would be presented Thornton was given a letter from the crown who was suppose to be retiring. The Crowns decision was to stay the charges of the officer due to the fact that there is no way that the hearing “would reveal the state of mind or intention regarding her evidence under oath” despite “an inconsistency between what she wrote in her notebook/statement and what she said at trial”.

Furthermore the Crown stated that “If I am wrong about there being no prospect of conviction there is in any event no public interest in continuing the prosecution”.

The bar of proof that the crown holds for perjury is quite high indeed and with the whole scandal of police officers continuing lying on the stand over and over again and courts demanding that crowns hold lying cops accountable it is quite clear that the crown chose to raise such a high bar in regards to perjury of the officer so as to give the cop a way out and not hold them accountable letting the status quo of the commonality of lying cops to continue. After all it is not good enough that a police officer is caught lying again and again now we have to show that their was an intent on the part of the officer to mislead the courts through somehow reading there mind. After all there continuous spewing of contradictory testimony that flys in the face of the truth could be a result of the police officers losing over a long period of time touch with reality and have no idea what is going on.

The real snub however is the part of the statement which clearly states that this is not in the public interest. Who is this public that they are talking about and how is this interest gauged?To me it seems quite clear that the average person on the street would find it in there interest that cops who beat people and lie to get convictions or deceive the court be held accountable and be properly disciplined. It seems to me recourse for victims of police deception and violence is in the public interest as well as measures being put in place to allow members of the public who are victims of state violence to get justice.

What it seems to me is that when the crown is discussing public interest what they are discussion is the interest of the ruling class to maintain the facade of democracy and justice so that they can easier control the public. As one hand washes the other the state is aware that if this illusion cant be maintained then they have problems.

Abdul Khan, The death of diplomacy and a taste of what Bill C 51 has in store for us all

15 Jun

Several years ago a process was started to demonize and destroy the life of a man who gave everything he could to his clients. This process started with a simple complaint about a retainer yet has become much more then this. Over the last several years Abdul Khan lost his Paralegal licence to practice and had his name dragged through the mud and despite his cooperation has been cast aside with his life and practice ruined. The cause that he outsourced his work to Pakistan, a country that ruffled the feathers of quite a few nice Canadian people. The practice of outsourcing to such country is not new and is carried out by many multinational corporations and law firms, the catch here is that Abdul Khan is a Muslim ( As sated by Anita McCann), and because of this, he had to go to hearing after hearing to prove that because he did not steal or mislead his clients. But Anita McCann believed she is the modern crusader and took upon herself to deal with the investigation without respect and due process.. Anita McCann of the law society called Pakistan a terrorist nation. In this process Abdul Khan was ordered by the law society to get a diplomatic pouch receipt which is a sensitive document proving his innocence that the money was sent through the consulate to where it had to go. This document which falls under diplomatic law between nations to nations is missing AFTER IT WAS GIVEN TO THE LAW SOCIETY AND THOSE IN CONTACT WITH THIS WERE MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED. After taking this to court, in a locked room khan’s case was dismissed despite the fact that the decision that the judge read was written up before Khan could present his case. The issue of the diplomatic pouch brushed aside. Currently he is asked to go and sue the individuals involved despite the fact that the law society protects their members from individual litigation. At this point Khan is accepting that his carrier is in the gutter yet the issue of the diplomatic pouch has still not been resolved, what would happen if the case was reversed and Pakistan lost a Canadian diplomatic pouch? The Steven Harper government, which is aware of what is going on since many letters and appealed were carbon copied to his office, Mr. Harper would surely accuse Pakistan of espionage and other such things. WHERE IS THIS DIPLOMATIC POUCH AND WHY DOES THE LAW SOCIETY of Upper Canada THINK THAT THEY CAN DEGRADE ANOTHER NATION AND THEN BREAK ALL DIPLOMATIC NORMS AND IGNORE THIS ISSUE OF THE POUCH? Jennifer Forde (Paralegal for Law Society), has been brought back to Law Society after she worked two years at Toronto Housing authority to avoid litigation and allow two year limitation to elapse. Abdul Khan will continue to fight on this issue and this issue will not go away. Still one must ask, ” how can he seek justice in a system where all the players are part of the same society” ? What responsibility will this bloody Law Society have for losing a diplomatic document?. With bill C- 51 now becoming law will this become the norm of Canadian law and politics?