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32CSM statement at Venezuelan meeting in Kitchener

15 Oct

Comrades, friends, distinguished diplomats of Venezuela, as well as political candidates, the 32CSM sends revolutionary greetings to you, as well as those attending the report back on the alba congress that took place in Brazil in august. We hope your meeting is fruitful, and wish success to those countries in the south fighting for self-determination, sovereignty, and the right to govern on a basis that puts the colonised peoples of the south in the role of decision makers. We of the 32CSM are fighting for the right to express the sovereignty of our people, which is inalienable despite an 800 year occupation that has divided our country in half, cost thousands of lives, and has led to the imprisonment of our nation’s sons and daughters. Like you we are fighting to throw off the shackles of colonialism and create a republic governed for, and by, the Irish. The good Friday agreement pushed forward as a so-called solution to the conflict has failed miserably because the key points and causes of the conflict have been ignored, which is the continued occupation of the six counties by the British. This is the cause of the conflict, and as long as the Irish people live under British rule the conflict will continue, because the cause of the conflict is the occupation. This occupation is the block to the Irish people expressing their sovereignty as a unit. At this point in time we have taken this matter up with the UN, yet due to the Clinton’s involvement in the GFA, the reaction has been to silence our just demands by using draconian legislation against us. This use of the FTO to hide the just demands of the Irish people to determine their own destiny will only prolong the conflict, causing more pain and suffering for a nation that has endured too much. We of the 32CSM ask of you to read our UN submission, familiarize yourself with it, and help us break this wall of silence. We thank you for listening and hope your meeting goes well.

Reportback on yesterdays meeting on ALBA Venezuela MST and political power

14 Oct

Yesterday people in Kitchener got together to participate in a discussion on international affairs as well as the current political problems that we are facing this election. The event began with a message from the 32CSM which talked about political solidarity to the alternative anti colonialist movements in the south unified under the ALBA banner, as well as outlining their position in terms of the occupation of the Six Counties and the way to move forward. This was followed by a presentation by Green Party Candidate David Weber who spoke about the problems facing the people in this election as there needs are tossed aside and told to vote for the lesser of the evils, Weber also talked about the growing gap between the haves and have nots as well as addressed the issue of democratic renewel.

This was followed by a message of solidarity from our Venezuelan comrades, as well as a reportback on the ALBA congress that took place in Brazil, as well what the MST is what they are about and why we must defend them. This was followed by a reportback on Tent City.The event ended with agreement that for all these issues to be addressed the people must become the desision makers, and that the best way to support the ALBA movement is to create the state where the people are the desision makers and reject the fearmongering against the ALBA nations as well as address the issues that we are facing. This cant be done in the present framework as the people are cut off from political power and as such alternative frameworkers need to be created. All in all the meeting was quite successful

On the anniversary of the death of Che defend Stoney Point

14 Oct

Comrades and Friends,
We regret that we can’t be here today, but we are visiting a comrade who was in the hospital for defending native sovereignty. In 1995, under orders from then premier mike Harris, a paramilitary assault was launched against the peaceful occupation of Ipperwash provincial park which was a native burial grounds. This assault led to the cold-blooded assassination Dudley George, This issue that he died for was for the stoney point people to run their land which under treaty law belongs to them and for them to have the right to determine their own destiny as is rightful and lawful according to internal law and the treaties that were signed on a nation to nation basis. 20 years later the issue of sovereignty is still not addressed, the latest spit on the grave of Dudley by the canadian state is the giving of land and moneys that Dudley died for to those band councils that collaborated with the assimilation of the stoney point did the money. When those stoney pointers were peacefully defending the land from the victory march set up by the state they ended up the victims of further violence and aggression by the canadian state and their collaborators. On this historic date let us remember what che died for to destroy imperialism colonialism and capitalism and the best way we can pay tribute to his legacy to support those today who engage and continue in the struggle that he lived and died for. Let us stand with those fighting colonialism and imperialism. Our Day Will Come, Victory to those smashing the colonialist state, we will overcome!!!!!…

Tent City Takes Over Mayors Office and gets results

7 Oct

Today a contingent of comrades from Tent City took over the mayors office with a list of demands and concerns that affected people at tent city and the broader homeless community. Shortly after security arrived and it was made quite clear that we would not leave till we meet with someone about these concerns. After awhile the Mayor agreed to meet with us and after a bit of discussion it was agreed that the mayor would assist us in housing people who need housing and help cut through all the crap that people face looking through housing. Given that this seemed like a reasonable thing that benefits all sides the occupation ended as did the discussion. Now we will start trying to find housing for everyone at tent city so that people can have homes while maintaining our structure organization and capacity to mobilize and continue our struggle through targeting other levels of government until they act reasonable and recognize the necessity and urgency for the right to housing. With the cold coming and the out of the cold shelters closing the necessity for intensifying this struggle is clearly a life anddeath struggle and will be treated as such.

Letter Writing Night for Crawford Lamka

7 Oct

Wed. Oct 14th
Queen Street Commons
43 Queen street S.

Crawford Lamka is in jail for defending his family from scum who broke into his house with the purpose of causing them physical harm. Despite this this person who should be viewed as a hero is instead criminalized and thrown in the belly of the beast for defending his loved ones. Join us for coffee and cookies and drop him a line to let him know how much you appreciate him.

Thoughts on recent terrorist allegations and a society that throws its must vulnerable to the wolves

3 Oct

Yesterday I was shocked to find out that police were called to a certain social agency to deal with allegations that I allegedly planted bombs under a police car, and planned to shoot up a bunch of cops on wednesday and somehow detonate this said bomb from my cellphone that had no money on it (maybe the person who called this in thought i would detonate said bomb by hitting it with my phone lol).

The person that told me about this is a cop who is sympathetic to the work we do and told me this as a warning about who I assist and allow to access services as this could have been much more serious if the cops who answered this call wanted to screw me.

Interesting two days ago I was approached by said youth who had a guilty consciousness and a recording of the incident and he stated that he was kicked out of said place, me being busy only listened to three seconds of the recording and found it quite boring so I said whatever and didn’t pay attention, but needless to say at that point in time I wish not only that I listened to said recording, but that i took it. After finding out about said allegations I was hurt that I was not told by my so called friend who works at this agency and had to find out from a cop (in retrospect I did not have time on my phone and could not get calls).

After calming down and talking to several lawyers three things became quite clear 1. This youth has mental health issues i was aware of this the youth was aware of this and the people who worked at said shelter were also clear about this. 2. This is quite unbelievable and according to lawyers I can sue the agency since this is quite unbelievable 3. the fact that this youth is barred from the said agency according to him is quite messed up since it is quite clear that he needs help and if the place that should help wont what will become of him and people like him

At this point in time I just want to stress that there are people looking to hurt said youth due to rumors flying etc. about this incident and this is my take. I do not consider him a rat, nor do I consider him an informer nor do I consider him my enemy and anyone who hurts him in my name has no right to do so and furthermore if someone calls him a rat because of what may have happened to me and hurts him then I will consider it a personal attack on my person and treated accordingly, this is not a threat but simply a statement of fact. Im not going to be all buddy buddy with someone who hurts the most vulnerable in the name of some screwed up justice.

I met with said person today and listened to said recording today and mailed it to Charney law, what struck me about said recording (and yes i encourage everyone to tape everything activism 101) was that it was quite clear that a policy of deescalation was not taken and buttons were being pressed, also it also became quite clear that the more agitated he got the more powerless he became the more he put validation in his story and the more strong the story became (i actually tried to hide smirk when a joke I made about me having eyes everywhere was taken quite serious and i do need to make sure i check my humour sometimes). If this person felt threatened by me why was I the first person whom he contacted and why did it fall to me to sort out this work that clearly an agency should have dealt with.

This person is now out of the city for a few days as I cant protect him when I am not around and I really need some downtime, but I am quite frustrated that police were called and this person was barred having no access to necessary services and being left to fend for himself. What kind of society do we live in when we through out the most vulnerable. This whole episode sickens me to the stomach and shows how fucked up our society is as a whole. I have copys of all communication since this incident in my phone and am willing to share them with necessary partys I wont sue as the work I would put into it is too much but kinda hope they sue me or do an illegal action of some sort so that I can shed light on all of this and expose how a social agency instead of helping people slanders and causes me physical duress while trowing its most vulnerable to the wolves.