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Todays discussion on pragmatic steps to sort out the drug problem

26 Feb

Today we met with a community supporter to go over our plan of implementing the decisions of sorting out the drug problem. Issues that were raised included the need for research into other community programs when they are open what they provide and other such stuff so as to avoid duplications of services as to make people aware of what other services are out there. This would also be good for outreach to other organizations to join in and partake into the work we are doing. Aside from this investigation it was decided that a list of organizations and where they could plug in will be drafted and these organizations will be invited to participate on a equal footing.

The need to implement training of the staff was also stressed as well as methods of vetting them including criminal background checks to seed out anti social elements as well as a vetting period. The background check would not weed out people who were arrested for petty stuff or protest stuff but for serious things like selling hard drugs and behaviours fitting psychopaths that have no interest in serving the people, the methods of holding staff accountable through meetings of all involved in the space to discuss decisions implementation of rules and resolve conflicts of a non antagonist nature between the people was also stressed.

The need to visualize the space and use art as a way to implement our desires of a sober space eg. opiate withdrawal day one day two etc. or other stuff that strengthens our goals was also discussed as well as budgets in terms of costs where will we get different things we need etc. was also stressed as well as a way to measure our success through sign up sheets of those using our programs etc.

The meeting ended with the idea that we shouldn’t sugar coat our message or make personalities an issue especially since our strength lies in dealing with people as they are not what the should be.

All in all this meeting was good to show us our strengths weaknesses and what we must do to move forward.

Write up on Todays letter writing night

24 Feb

Today people got together to write letters to a variety of prisoners and POWS from ALF/ELF prisoners to Irish Republicans like Christine Connor and the Craigavon Two. Videos shown included videos on the Quebec Student strikes, videos about the AETA and the Craigavon Two. Discussion was held on how laws such as AETA and the UK anti terrorist 2001 law have nothing to do with targeting the ALF or the IRA who know what they are doing and dont get caught and everything to do with criminalizing legitimate discussion and creating a climate of fear where people are set up framed and criminalized simply because they hold political views. The event is still going on and is quite informative as well gives people a chance to support those attacked by state violence.

Info about Christine Connor for Todays letter writing night

23 Feb

A friend wrote this so people can have some background on Christine Connor a Irish Republican POW whom we will write to tonight. Those who cant attend tonight can write to her at Christine Connor Hyde bank wood Hospital road Belfast Co Antrim North of ireland. To support her please check out the cogus website
CogĂșs POWs she up again this Friday for arraignment

Christine is accused of throwing a pipebomb at 2 ruc patrol men .there is no evidence to that charged there is big mi5 involvement in her case there is nearly 100 intelligence agents involved in her case used as witness and loads of facebook comments been used to set her up to say she was at war with the ruc total bullshit, she was only highlighting the truth the same way me and you do,
on the night in question she was at home alone when the attack took place on the two ruc men who themselves described the attacker of the pipe s a 6ft2 male,, Christine stands at 5ft5 .

her trial is not till april at the earliest at which she will be interned nearly 2 years she has bee offered bail but refused the ridclious bail conditions some of which included not been able to use electronic devices ie mobile phone ,laptop etc she refused to wear a tag she also had be under curfew from 6pm til 7am and sign on 3 times a day in ruc station also if see was not allowed in Belfast to be seen on certain streets or she be arrested on sight ,the ruc station she had to sign on the route she had to walk was full of streets she was not allowed be seen on impossible to live with conditions was one of the reason she refused bail

If we do nothing now well then soon there will be nothing at all

20 Feb

A few days ago I was talking to a friend and she was telling me that as a result of her association with myself and another comrade she was being targetted by the police and that she felt very intimidated, the fact that this woman has three kids makes here more vulnerable then most and in the states bags of dirty tricks this particular trick is one i find very hard to deal with as its one thing if they target you or arrest you or beat you and quite another thing when because of the actions that you take others are attacked targeted intimidated and hurt simply because of their association with you. over the last few months several friends and loved ones have pretty much stated that as a result of state intimidation they dont feel comfortable meeting with me or hanging out getting coffee or being seen with me as a result of this and though I am sad that these people are temporarily not in my life it is understandable and I hold no grudge against them.

I think back to the repression after the G20 when people with addictions whom i worked with got severe intimidation and pressure to make up shit and testify against me and as a result of them not doing it they were handed serious time eg. two years for trafficking for splitting a dilada tablet with someone etc etc. and when i publicly talk about that period I talk about people being so loyal to the cause that they would not break etc. but the question that I never publicly ask is do I have the right to ask of friends comrades and people who I work with to have to face that sort of repression simply because of there association with me, in other words do I have the right not only to ruin my life but drag others down with me.

Regardless of how one looks at it repression myself and others face doesnt just impact the individual but also those around and although this tactic of targeting people in ones live who are vulnerable because they have something to lose be that a kid or something else is a sick tactic but one that is effective because it strikes at the heart of what we are are doing and our humanity, do we have the right to drag others into harms way because we are selfish and feel we need friends and people we care about in our lives and in terms of mass work that meets the needs of the community what purpose does it serve to stop harm from addictions when the repression we bring down may cause more harm and damage.

Usually when I write this is the point where i work out an answer and everything seems sorted unfortunately i really dont have an answer and saying that its the fault of the state or people know what they are getting into or any other sort of rationalization is just that a rationalization and doesnt really hold water and no its not an issue of being sad or feeling bad or something that words can sort its a concrete problem that needs to be dealt with and simple rationalizations will not negate the guilt we ourselves as willing actors must hold in this. We know resistance leads to repression, we know that no state will sit back and let us undermine it we know there are consequences yet we choose to act anyways.

Yet I also know that things will get worst esp. with the new anti terror bill being passed dirty tricks will become more acceptable and normalized, I know that the present situation is unacceptable as people are forced to sleep in -30 temperatures and beds are unavailable while the rich get pay hikes, I know that doing nothing is not an option as whatever crumbs thrown to us in the past off the tables of the rich are being taken away and infrastructure and institutions are being dismantled, as the song says if we do nothing now well then soon there will be nothing at all, this is a reality and maybe it is simply a matter of hardening our hearts and making it an issue of the lesser evils. Maybe to defeat a monster a small part of us must learn to act like a monster after all one of the reason that good never wins is because good always plays fair and is guided by some sort of morality that binds its hands. For myself I never really think of myself of a good guy more like a damaged person fighting against what is too fucked to do nothing about. Maybe this is just after all collateral damage and thinking too much on this allows them to win.

Still I think one of the ways in which the state proceeds in this way is through isolating people, making them feel they are alone and as such fucking them up. This at least is one thing we can identify as a problem and try to solve. The other thing is that the state like to do this in the dark and shining a light on this could be a way to make them back. Building support infrastructure court support etc is crucial, as well as networks of support for those who are targeted etc so people know they dont stand alone and showing the state that we will not leave anyone behind is also crucial. This may not solve the dilemma but its a start

Discussion on Craigavon Two in context of new anti terror legislation very positive

19 Feb

Today despite the crappy weather and myself being late a small group of people met to discuss the case on the Craigavon Two in the context of the new legislation being passed by Harper that is inspired by the UK anti terror legislation of 2001. The facts of the case were presented and a background was given about the political climate in the occupied six counties as well as the role of the UK anti terror laws 2001 in causing this outrage and miscarriage of justice to be committed.

The case of Price was also discussed in the context of the parts of the new Harper legislation that deal with “glorifying or promoting terror” and this was also discussed in the context of the five eyes and intelligence sharing.

This was followed with concrete planning to support the Craigavon Two, oppose the criminalization of our right to be political as well as intensifying community support for those under attack here and abroad.

More meeting will be held on Wednesdays to discuss what this new legislation is, the UK 2001 anti terror law etc. and a public meeting will be held in the spring around the case of the Craigavon Two.

Freedom for Seamus Daly!

17 Feb

Freedom for Seamus Daly!

The courts decision today to further remand Seamus Daly into custody, based on the assertions by the prosecution that a further 6 weeks was needed to obtain analytics and perhaps up to a further 4 months to obtain other material from the 26 Counties can only be viewed as a stalling tactic and disingenuous.

Seamus Daly has now been imprisoned for over 10 months on spurious evidence which has been available for over 15 years. Their claims that Seamus could not be located for upwards of 5 years and that they now have credible evidence flies in the face of the reality. The Reality that Seamus had been living openly, enjoying a family life in Jonesborough, Co. Armagh until his arrest in April 2014.

Those now involved in the continuing prosecution of Seamus Daly are engaging in the age old tactic of internment by remand.

The regurgitation of old tainted evidence, used in the prosecutions desperation to close the case, coupled with the intended use of discredited witnesses shows the lengths that they will go to in order to cover up their own incompetence.

With this in mind the family and friends of Seamus Daly have undertaken to campaign for his release, a campaign to highlight the injustice faced by Seamus Daly will be forthcoming in days.

We urge all those with an interest in human rights, genuine justice and truth to take a look at Seamus’ case and support us in our pursuit of freedom for Seamus Daly.


Msg of Solidarity from International Department of the 32CSM and ACWG read at yesterday event

14 Feb

Yesterday the PCR-RCP held an event to support the just peoples struggle against the genocidal murder of the Indian state and counter insurgency campaign carried out against the Maoists and other progressive forces as well as the 9th anniversary of the RCP’s creation. This msg was read out by a member of Anti Colonialist Working Group


Revolutionary greetings from the international dept of the 32csm and anti colonialist working group. The int dept and ACWG wishes you success in your endevors celebrating the just people’s struggle against the colonialist puppet state of india a creation of British imposed partion.
The international dept and ACWG also wishes success to the 10s of thousands of prisoners held by this colonialist construction.
Victory To a unifed socialist Ireland Victory to the peoples war

We will kick your ass and get away with it. Thoughts on Greg Thornton’s civil suit desision

12 Feb

Judges Decision.

Youtube Video of assault

Support Greg Thornton

Several days ago, the courts set a very dangerous precedent in the civil case that Greg Thornton launched against police for a brutal beating he received at their hands. This court ruling which is listed above not only dismisses his case but asks HIM to pay for the defendants court costs which is $1200.

Despite the video evidence that one can see above the judge chose to believe the police’s testimony which is clearly at odds with what the video evidence shows demonstrating that in a so called court of law the words of the police officer overrule video evidence and proven fact.

The decision also attacks Thornton’s creditably due to his mental health conditions while upholds the polices credibility despite the fact that during the trial the officer in questions testimony clearly was at odds with the video evidence bringing into question the states willingness to take a stand against police perjury, a phenomena which these days is quite common and generally goes unpunished.

Finally the judges decision upholds the polices right to use as much force as THEY deem is necessary clearly allows the police to be accountable to no one as i’m sure no police officer would incriminate themselves in a court of law even if they themselves recognize they fucked up. In an era of growing awareness of the unlawful activities of the police this is just one more tool to make sure that they are above justice giving them the veto in terms of use of force.

As more and more people see that the ways of getting justice through so called legitimate channels are a waste of time and are turning to the use of civil court as a way to find justice for the wrong that they have had committed to them this decision has the power to shut down this avenue down and as such strengthen the fact that police is above the law. As such all should oppose this and demand neutrality from the judiciary.

Phonejam in support of Irish POWS tortured in Maghaberry

12 Feb

Wed. Feb 18th
call British Consulate and demand an end to the intensification on attack of Irish Republican POWS in Maghaberry

416 593 1290

For more info check

Over the last weeks screws in Maghaberry have intensified the attacks and criminalization of Irish POWs in Maghaberry resulting in assaults and injury to prisoners. Take a stand and demand that this end as well as demand that the Brits respect the Aug 2010 agreement.

Picket to oppose Harper and Launch my nomination a success

11 Feb

This past Saturday community members joined me in a info picket at the Kitchener Farmers Market to oppose the Harper agenda as well as mobalize people to create alternatives to Harper regime by creating citizens committees to empower the people. As such I used this occassion to announce publicly my nomination for candidacy as a Marxist Leninist candidate for the upcoming election. I am running to oppose the warmongering of the present political system that is in violation of international law in terms of issues such as self determination of all nations here and abroad, to push for an anti war government, and end the imperialist aspirations of the present regime as well as create space for people locally to discuss the political problems that we are facing and create solutions.

Despite the fact that the MLPC is a registered political party the police was present as an act of intimidation and to cower people into thinking their is something wrong or criminal for people to participate in politics. This fear of being political is promoted by the current regime which has worked to create a climate where all those who want to participate in the political process are marginalized and criminalized. From the thousand plus arrests at the G20, to the new anti terror legislation, to the surveillance and harassment of on the ground activists the state is creating a climate where those with political views are intimidated and criminalized.

This was evident with several people who stated they were supportive but did not feel safe putting their name on a nomination sheet for the election due to fear of reprisal. Despite this many people still agreed to sign my nomination sheet getting about half of the necessary nominations in a short time. Still this climate of fear demonstrates the need of why we must oppose the present regime which bombs country in the name of democracy abroad but at home creates a climate of fear where people are intimidated from participating in the political process. How can Harper talk about free and fair elections when people are intimidated to nominate people to run based on their conscious.

This work will continue as will the work to build a peoples opposition to the status quo.