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Tent City Victory and intensification of Struggle

27 Dec

After a long struggle and discussion with a variety of meetings with members of the community, politicians and mass support the people of tent city who have registered for housing are now housed. This demonstrates the power that people have if they mobilize the community and fight back. However the struggle of tent city is not over yet.

Recently people have moved to tent city and these people are not on the housing list and as such are still sleeping outside. The issue of a safe injection site which tent city is accomodating is still not addressed and people are using Tent City for this. No one should sleep in Tents in January. On January 22nd at 6 pm at the Kitchener Public Library we will be hosting a community meeting to intensify the struggle. Meanwhile Tent City still needs blankets, food tents and warm clothing. Please msg me on facebook to donate and support.