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Local community mobilize to save out of the cold!!!!

30 Sep

This Tuesday members of the community met to discuss and solve the problems faced by the closure of the out of the cold program. The meeting which was very well attended came up with a three prong approach. Known as the three P, they are Political, Publicity and Pressure. Political focuses on the municipal election and the election to raise the issues as well as to mobilize the vote for those who are taking a firm stand against poverty such as Oz Cornel. Publicity is raising the issue through blogs, radio and social media and Pressure includes protests and other tactics aimed at both short term solutions to the problem as well as long term solutions. Dates were set for protests and it was agreed that we would meet every Tuesday at 7 at the Queen St. Commons to implement our decisions all are welcome to join us.

The Ghost Of Kelsey Felker Jackson

30 Sep

Last Friday when I went to court I found out that the scumbag that murdered Kelsey was in the same courtroom as me. Sitting with a friend of mine dealing with another matter we were shocked to find this out, especially since the peace of shit who murdered her and chopped her up into pieces throwing her torso in a dumpster is taking the matter to trial opening up old wounds and getting off on the pain he has caused this community.

The media has focused on the brutality of the crime as well as Kelseys battles with addictions and by doing so has lost sight of the bigger picture who Kelsey was and what she meant to the people in the community.

I met Kelsey almost a decade ago when she 14 or so working at the Spot drop in centre in Kitchener. Kelsey was a bright young girl who could always bring a smile to peoples faces. She was someone who cared about other people and hated to see people suffer. Her care for people could be seen from her social justice work she did with The Spot to the way that she would try to help her friends out. She was a bit of a joker and liked to gossip in a funny non hurtful way. At protests she would have a bit of a mouth and would stand up to whoever attacked or criminalized her friends. Loyalty to her friends is one of the qualitys that defined her, many of whom she considered and consider her family. Last time i saw her shortly before she was taken from her community, we split a smoke by Queen and Charles and we were talking about a variety of issues from her personal struggles to gossiping about Davin. Despite her personal struggles she was smiling laughing and very much alive.

When i found out about her brutal murder and dismemberment I was in shock, I think she was only 24 or so and despite whatever bumps she hit on the road of life had much to live for and much more to give to the community.

Her death is a tragedy that wont be easily forgotten as she has given much to the community and her friends. It is also a reminder of the brutality of a system that throws youth to the streets making them vulnerable to anti social elements like the one who took her life. She will not be forgotten and despite the attempts to paint a horrible picture of her and her life those who knew her will remember her as she was.

32CSM Statement in Support of The Mapuche Struggle

28 Sep

The 32 county sovereignty movement send solidarity greetings to the Mapuche people your strength and commitment to your cause is an inspiration to us all. We also send greetings to your prisoners incarcerated around the territory. We in the 32 county sovereignty movement will continue to support and highlight your cause in this part of the world for your right to exist resist and overcome. Beir Bua.

In memory of The Fallen, Mapuche Event a success despite fire alarm!!!

28 Sep

Despite the fire alarm going off sealing the building and causing a big headache the event put on by the WCCC was a success. From Six Nations to the Six Counties peoples spoke about the attacks on their basic rights and the earth and what they are doing to resist. Most notably Missy from Six Nations gave an amazing speech that almost made me cry.

The success of this event was based on unify and building links between all those fighting against colonialism from turtle island to Wallmapu. The event ended very late with amazing closing remarks from the organizers about the need to resist.

I look forward to more events from the WCCC that unify all struggling against colonialism from so called Chile to KKKanada

Communes or Nothing!!!!!!Public meeting on Venezuela a success

27 Sep

Yesterday Katrina Kozarek active member of the Ataroa Socialist Commune, in Barquisimeto (Lara state), Venezuela. As well, as a long term organizer with the Nacional Association of Community, Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA) spoke in Toronto about the current situation in Venezuela as well as the process of building socialism through the creation of communes.

Her talk, which was well attended gave a history of the Bolivarian process in Venezuela as well as the historical process that lead to the creation of the communes which was followed by a short video and questions.

Her speech was articulate factual and very passionate, and during the question period she demonstrated that she is not just some sort of functionary but honest and intelligent person who while recognizing the victory’s of Bolivarian revolution is willing to admit the problems and tackle them head on.

Comparing her talk to that of Marina Machado one sees the difference between the goals of aims of the Bolivarian revolution, and those of the opposition.
One being humanitarian compassionate and for the people, the other being cold brutal and for the elite.

I was very glad to attend and wish the people of Venezuela success in building a just socialist society based on the commune model

Nazi Vanadalism must be opposed

26 Sep

Yesterday it was reported on CKCO that over 20 cars were vandalized by fascists puncturing tires and carving swastikas and such. Of course the police have no leads nor suspects despite the fact that events such as the Grant Bristol affair, Matt Lauder affair etc demonstrates that in many cases it is the state that organizes these groups. The vandalism was clearly an attempt to brazenly mark their newly acquired territory and flex their muscle. Given the events that have been happening over the last little bit, this act is an open provocation against all those whom they would like to see exterminated.

Upon hearing this news my initial reaction, being a bit of a hothead in regards to this issue was to do something stupid or react without giving any thought or analysis to the present material conditions. Keeping off of facebook other then saying to a few people look at this I took a walk and watched a film with some friends to relax and prepare for court today.

There is much at stake here and as history has shown over and over and over again here in Kitchener the only way to deal with the facists is to oppose, confront and not let them take root. We all remember the fire bombing of Mona Zettlars house by the HF,as well as the violence that they have perpetrated. Kyle Mcgee ex Kitchener resident is a perfect example had he not been confronted and driven out of Kitchener by the people, the firebombings, assaults targeting of activists Children etc happening in Calgary would be happening here.

Going to court this morning and saying hi to lots of lawyers social workers etc who were congratulating us on our recent work dealing with issues from poverty to addictions etc made me think. Historically when the fascists attack and come out in strength it is when there is serious political work going on, (eg 1992 the constitutional crisis, 1998-2004 the Opening of the Spot etc.) and by attacking us they are trying to undermine the work we are doing as well as as create this idea of the two extremes prop up an extreme right to justify the right wing policys of the state and dismiss progressive work as the other side of the coin. Our work over the last years has created an atmosphere where it is hard for the police to criminalize us due to the fact that our work speaks for itself, eg we are tackling the issues that no one else will and we are succesfull at doing this eg tent city etc etc

The people that the NAZIs recruit are poor marginalized people who cling on to white privilege in hopes of finding a false solution to the crisis that capitalism has put them in. Whenever in the past we have been successful at driving it out the fascists it has not just been through the use of force but rather creating an alternative eg the spot, peoples programs etc because at the end of the day the real enemy is the state and these kids that they use as pawns will be thrown away when they are no longer useful.

Our solution therefore lies in intensifying our political work, creating alternatives and intensifying the anti fa culture.

This does not mean that we should ignore them or let them have the streets rather that we should not let them succeed in diverting us from our work and create a city where fascism cant plant its roots.

Informal meeting to solve problem of Out of The Cold Closing

25 Sep

Tuesday September 30th 7 pm Queen Street Commons
43 Queen St S. Kitchener

Come out and be part of the solution, discuss and help plan strategys and actions to stop people from freezing to death this winter with the out of the cold program closing four days a week.

disclaimer.. Due to urgency of this situation this meeting has been organized on the first available date and as such has not been officially endorsed by the working centre etc.

with the closing of the out of the cold many will die this winter!!!!

25 Sep

As it is already known four nights out the week the out of the cold program will not function. Given the fact that last year one person died of hypothermia at mill and courtland basicly on peoples doorsteps it is quite obvious that people not having a place to go will lead to many more deaths in the city.

It is not only the homeless and poor that are concerned, police recognize that more deaths in a city plagued by drugs, violence and brutality is not a positive thing even for them.

All week I have been hearing fom social agencys, outreach workers, cops etc what are you going to do about it, as if the burden of responsibility falls on activists who can barely feed themselves as oppossed to a state full of politicians who live high on the hog.

As political people we know that the state will do nothing and it will fall on us to solve this problem but still for those who are the haves to ask the have nots to find solutions to this problem reeks or hypocracy if they care so much why do they not open up all the empty buildings that are sitting vacant, why are they cutting welfare and start up making it harder and harder for people to find a house, why are they cutting vital social programs and destroying low income housing in the downtown core?
Yes we will fight for solutions not because we have the resources but because no one else will.

To them these deaths that will come are statistics a two line article in the record to us these are our family friends and community.

Still it would be in there best interests to find a solution because every death unfortunately will further anger people showing them that the solution lies not in waiting for crumbs but taking what is ours by virtue of being human, and it pains me to say this, because to me its not an issue of building a movement on the back of the dead but rather because there is no option within the framework they present, and they only care because it will upset their image or create discontent etc.

This winter capitalism will rear its ugly head and the invisible hand will once again slice peoples throats, but we wont sit back and die quietly. If they think that words and condolences will placate us they are mistaken. We wont go gently into that good night!!!!!

So out of self interest of capitalist preservation i appeal to all those powers that be that monitor my blog find a solution, because it is not in your interest for more to die

Why is Police at discussion on Gentrification?

24 Sep

Yesterday at the discussion that took place at the Bread and Roses housing co op on Gentrification, it came to the attention of some of the people attending who went out for a smoke that police was outside the building due to this event. After awhile police came and made cocky comments to those people. This event was not a demonstration or an action or a meeting to plan an action but rather a discussion. Why were police there? do we no longer have a right to even discuss the conditions we are facing without police presence. What happened to the idea that the police is not a political force?

We mus condemn this blatent move by the police and the state to criminalize our right to discuss the problems we are facing and tell our storys

They will Never criminalize the just demands of Tent City!!!!!!!

23 Sep

The Police in there absurd attempt to criminalize and brutalize us through there morning raid, provocations and slanders have dome nothing more then assist and help our cause. Since our eviction from the courthouse by brutal intimidation we have had nothing but mass support from the public. From local political candidates to musicians, to the wedding party that was having their ceremony in the same place where we moved, we have had nothing but nice words and statements of solidarity.

The lies of the state that we are criminals and violent thugs falls flat on its face when confronted with the reality that it is us who are taking social responsibility feeding those the state wont, assisting those who have been traumatized by the state to helping those who have fallen through the cracks.

The people of Kitchener have come by and visited, brining moral support, words of encouragement and food, and their visits have comfirmed the reality that we are justly standing up for basic rights that we have by virtue of being human.

In the face of this, the slanders of the state are exposed for what they are attacks on peace protestors by other means. Since the use of force has not deterred us they have no other choice then to make provocative statements and slander us, which to the peoples of this city are not only absurd but show the desperation of those in power to impose their will and silence us by whatever means they can.

This has failed as more and more people see that gentrification is not just about attacking poor people but also using force slander and vexatious lies against political people. The absurdity of this does nothing but strengthen our cause as the state shows its true colors.

In light of this we have no choice but to press forward our demands and political agenda. We will be victorious because we have truth and justice on our side and no matter how many pigs with guns they have or slanders they launch they will fail because the truth is visible not just to social activists but the community at large.

Victory Belongs To The People!!!