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No BloodStained Poppies 32CSM International Dept. takes action

12 Nov

Yesterday members of the 32CSM International Department took a stand against this glorification of war and imperialism known as remembrance day. With a banner that stated FROM BELFAST TO AFGHANISTAN WE REMEMBER THE VICTIMS OF IMPERIALISM we went downtown and handed over 300 flyers.

The reception was generally positive except for a group of local knuckle dragging neanderthals who were chased off. WE handed out Easter Lilies and chanted support our troops victory to the resistance. The popy here is portrayed as a symbol of peace but in reality its a symbol of glorification of british imperialism and such must be opposed. We were happy that we were joined by several ex service men who saw through the lies and joined us. We will be there next year with our banners and flyers.

As Cold Weather Increases Tent City Invites Members of the community to see the reality through visits and tours, police respond with increased repression

9 Nov

As the cold weather sets in organizers of Tent City invited members of the community, media and city council to come and see for themselves the reality that people at tent city are facing. Despite the fact that people have been camping out for months and temperatures are so cold that it is actually snowing the region is still dragging their heels in terms of finding the residents of tent city housing.

As a result members of Tent city have started tours of the site to show the media and general public the conditions that people are living in. The police responded to an article published in the papers by arresting and detaining organizers of tent city.

It is quite obvious that this new wave of repression is a state attempt to silence poor people from speaking out about the reality they feel and that this new wave of repression is an attempt to keep poverty out of site and out of mind. With the creation of the LRT Kitchener is trying to position itself as a developing technological hub, and the fact that there is a tent city very similar to the slums of many underdeveloped nations five minutes from the downtown core is seen as an insult to this image. As such police serve their masters the rich by using any and all means available to punish poor people from speaking out and criminalizing their very existence. We ask members of the community to support the Tent City politically and through donating things that people need to survive, donations such as food blankets money etc. are greatly appreciated, as well as political support and condemnation of this most recent wave of repression.


7 Nov


Today, international day to commemorate the 1847 genocide of the Irish people by England, the international department of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement held actions in Toronto, Kitchener and Montreal.

In Montreal, under the pouring rain, a small group gathered at the Irish mass grave, and sang a song at the monument erected there by Irish workers in the 1850s.

In Kitchener, a group of people went to the Farmers Market and disrupted business as usual, while passing out over 200 flyers.
n Toronto, the march began at the British Consulate, and continued onto Ireland Park, where another Irish mass grave is located.

There will also be a religious service, a mass, held in honour of the 6 million Irish that perished or were displaced because of this genocide in Kitchener.

Refugees fleeing from the English Genocide were forced to cross the Atlantic in terrible conditions. Many of them died on the way, and upon arrival.

We have listened to our Irish comrades, and we refused to revise history and call it a famine when it was a genocide. Just as today, we refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Good Friday Agreement as a step towards peace, when in reality it simply entrenches war even further into Ireland, pushing Ireland away from reunification,sovereignty and socialism.

We salute all the Irish people that resisted British colonialism, and that still do to this day. We must unmask the past and present of British colonialism and European imperialism, until Ireland has it’s own 32 county Socialist Republic.

Religious Service Held in Kitchener to remember Irish Holocaust

7 Nov

This past weekend members of the Romanian Community and supports held a religious service to remember those who died in the so called potato famine, which in reality was an orchestrated holocaust whose goal was the genocide of the Irish People. Prayers were also said for all those whom since have died in the serice of creating a united Ireland free from Britain.