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Info Picket and Banner Drop today at Kitchener Farmers Market raise awareness of the plight of Tony Taylor

22 Oct

14632827_10157641257345611_5422958018409890893_nToday members of Anti Colonial Working Group held an info picket outside of the Farmers Market demanding the release of Irish Republican prisoner Tony Taylor. Taylor has been held for over 200 days without charge or trial in Maghaberry for what amounts to a blatant violation of his basic rights simply because of his politics.

We handed out over 400 leaflets and the reception was quite good. Seeing this we went inside the farmers market dropped a banner stating “Free Tony Taylor” and gave a impromptu speech that was heard by everyone there demanding that Tony Taylor be freed and that internment be stopped. When security removed us we got a standing ovation. As we were leaving we saw many people approach security and ask them about Tony Taylor and they had to explain who Tony Taylor was to people. (to be fair they actually did not do too bad a job they said a Irish person imprisoned by the British for his politics).

Next week Anti Colonial Working Group will be joining the 32CSM on a panel that includes the Venezuelan Consulate and other representatives of the ALBA to discuss the case of Tony Taylor and the Craigavon Two. We look forward to this as well as discussions with our comrades from Argentina about the illegal occupation of the Malvinas Islands

Public Housing Clinic This Monday

20 Oct

Monday October 24th 1:30pm
Mill Courtland Community Centre
Mill and Stirling Kitchener

This Monday October 24th at 1 30 pm the Region will host a public clinic for people to sihn up for affordable housing, welfare, childcare, legal assistance, and a variety of other programs that poor people need. This is a result of pressure that we put on the city demanding that the city and region take up social responsibility and provide the necessary services that people need to survive.

Of the 3 demands that we put forward at city hall we are happy that the city has met the third point and we will continue to fight for the other two points, that those without housing from the previous clinic be given housing now and that the security guards at city halland bus terminal sop criminalizing poor people.

We look forward to Monday and hope to see everyone there. All Welcome!!!!

Despite Zionist and Orange Order Shenannigans Green Party Meeting On BDS and Palestine was a success

18 Oct

14712834_10206020313661740_5406181156839256746_oYesterday at the University of Waterloo the Green Party invited Dimitri Lascaris, Rehab Nazzal and Wendy Goldsmith to discuss the Green Party resolution in support of the use of the BDS tactic to stop illegal Israeli settlements as well as the present condition of the occupation and the experience that Wendy Goldsmith had as a passenger on the Womans Gaza Flotilla.

The presentation covered a variety of issues such as the illegal blockade on Gaza, the impact that illegal settlements have on Palestinians and the impact of the occupation on the people of Palestine. Despite the objective and scientific nature of the presentations the meeting was sort of hijacked by a well known member of the orange order who is well known for his disruptive and argumentative nature and a young Zionist. In the past this person has approached me and my friends after the murder of Beau Baker by police justifying the killing, has rationalized interment in Ireland as well as the genocide of indigenous people and is well known for saying the stupidest and most offensive shit.

Despite the fact that it was quite clear neither of them knew what they were talking about and both were clearly suffering a severe case of offensive verbal diarrhea the speakers kept their cool and answered all their questions calm and rationally even though it was quite clear that the purpose of their questions was to disrupt and not to engage in any constructive dialogue.

In the face of this and the last minute changes to the venue as well as other fuckerys the msg of Dimitri and the other speakers to support the BDS resolution and to come to Calgary early December was quite clear. The Kitchener Green Party Riding Association is sending a delegation to this convention to stand with the Palestinian people and to defend their inner party democracy. I look forward to hearing about this convention when the Kitchener Greens return.