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IWD info picket to Free Marian Price!!

28 Feb

Friday, March 8, 2013.5:00pm.Kitchener City Hall

Marian Price, Irish Republican, Mother and Political Prisoner has been held in isolation for over 650 days, over six months of that in MagHaberry a mens jail, simply because of her politics. Her health is rapidly deteriorating, and international docters have demanded her release. Despite this and the recent loss of her sister,and international outcry, the British Occupational state in Northern Ireland is refusing to release her despite the FACT that they have no grounds to hold her. This International Womans Day join us for an info picket demanding her release. This event will be followed by a movie screening and fundraiser at 43 Queen St.S. All money raised will go to support the families of POWS.

statement on behalf of republican pows ssu maghaberry concentration camp

27 Feb

statement on behalf of republican pows ssu maghaberry concentration camp

a chara,we the republican prisioners being held in isolation send solidarity greetings to all our comrades friends and are just a few words to update yous on the continuing you know we are into our 5th month of this degrading and inhumane dirty protest,we have lost all privileges and are locked in our cell 23hrs a day,with only awalk around a small yard to break the monotony of the long days.we still refuse to cut or shave our hair and only wash when we havevisits which the prison authorities continue to force us to take within the general population of the jail,even thoughwe have endured abuse and threats from loyalists within the a group we have considered refusing visits in the general population but after debate and advice from our friends family and comrades we believe it is not the way to get our message accross to the people on the outside.there is other ways.despite the treatment from the prision authorities we are all in good form and keep each other going in craic,we had a big morale boost last week when our comrade gavin coyle was moved downstairs with his comrades.we would like to thank the people from all over ireland,scotland,america canada and all over europethat has sent us cards and letters of support,and from all the lads in roe 4 and ourselves we would like to say a big thanks.

victory to the dirty protest victory to the pows

commanding officer ssu pows maghaberry ssu.

Update on FARC-EP Peace Talks

26 Feb

From TML dailY

Progress in Colombian Peace Talks
The latest session of ongoing peace talks in Havana, Cuba between representatives of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — People’s Army (FARC-EP) was completed on February 10, ending the first three months of peace talks.

Representatives of both parties highlighted the advances made in these first three months of talks at a press conference, and each side expressed satisfaction with the progress of the negotiations. The head of the government delegation, Humberto de la Calle, said there is a reconciliation of views on the formalization of land ownership and that this will continue during the resumed session on February 18. For his part, the leader of the delegation of the FARC-EP, Luciano Marin Arango, confirmed some advances have been made.

The development of a comprehensive land policy for the ownership of land is the first of five points of discussion at the negotiating table. Its regulation, in the eyes of the FARC-EP, is a focal point for the establishment of peace in Colombia. Other points are: an end to the armed conflict, the treatment of victims and the verification process, reintegration and the trafficking of narcotics.

Official data from the Colombian government show 77 per cent of the land is controlled by 13 per cent of land owners, 3.6 per cent of whom hold 30 per cent of the total land area.

Another breakthrough achieved with the last round of talks is the release of three hostages by the FARC-EP, demonstrating their willingness to contribute to a cease-fire and to smooth bilateral peace talks. On February 12, former Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba, now spokesman for the group Colombians for Peace, said during an interview on Telesur: “With great joy, I inform you that the coordinates [where the hostages will be released] have come through. I have sent them to the Deputy Minister of Defence. We are ready to begin releases.” It is expected that two policemen and a soldier will be free within 72 hours after transmission of the coordinates.

Although both parties are satisfied with the progress of the talks, thorny issues, such as that of victims of the conflict remain. On the one hand, the government party continues to treat the issue of the victims from the perspective that they are the consequences of terrorist acts committed by the FARC-EP. De la Calle said “there will be no peace agreement without the guerrilla facing its victims. In time, we will implement the systems and mechanisms to make that happen.” Meanwhile Márquez, representing FARC-EP, responded that “they are thousands, the victims of the conflict, and if the government takes the issue of victims very seriously, it should render accounts to society for the historical rosary of crimes of state terrorism. There is no doubt that the state is fundamentally responsible for these crimes.”

Talks will resume on February 18 with the continuation of negotiations on agricultural policy. Many politicians in Colombia, including the Polo Democrático Alternativo, strongly criticize the Santos government using the talks to be re-elected in the general elections of 2014.

impotence of Crown Attorney Miller is cause of his vindictiveness towards myself and other activists.

25 Feb

impotence of Crown Attorney Miller is cause of his vindictiveness towards myself and other activists.

Jason Miller, Crown Attorney for Guns and Gangs has been showing his vindictiveness and hatred towards activists and organizors of the G20 since the intitial arrests of the alleged conspiracy group around g20 since the first days of peoples court cases. One only need looks at the case of Alex hudert, who is currently in the hole due to political organizing inside
to see the truth of this. Through imposing stric bail conditions aimed at stoping people from organizing, to non association conditions aimed at destroying families and ripping apart loved ones, its clear that his goal is to break the movement by arresting and criminalizing all those who oppose his agenda.

Hundert, who has a no protest conditions, was re arrested shortly after his release for speaking on a university panel, and again later re arrested for allegedly intimidating a justice official, bullshit if i ever heard it. Currently he is doing a bid in Penatanguishine for councelling to commit inditable offenses, for doing a bloody workshop on non violence resistance.

In my case, after being forced to drop my charges due to the death of my mother, as a result of stress from my arrest for conspiracy at the g20, him and his crowny continued to moniter me and to find someother way to charges me. This type of behaviour is not logical or rational but rather vindictive.

When i started my blog to talk about my experiance, i was told to take it down due to a secret publication ban aimed at silencing people talking about the infiltration, which not only was directed at those matters brought in court but rather all matters relating to the indenty and roles of the undercovers, the fact that i was targetted for this operation due to my marxist leninst ideology is clear showing that the whole operation launched two years before the g20 had nothing to do with law and order but rather everything to due with mointer what the g20 papers all criminal ideologies, Socialist, Anarchism Marxism and Maoism.

it is clear that even before i started blogging about the g20 my blog was being monitered as soon as it was started, and when i was told to take down my writings about my experiance, i would face criminal charges.

The powers that be tried every dirty trick to take down my writing but given public pressure, and the fact that it went viral the ban was thrown out in his own words “because due to the fact that the ban was broken and was so serculated, it became mute” putting me in a position where i currently am facing a jury trial in Aug and september. Through his court proceeding, at everyturn he was tried to remove the political nature of these charges and make it an issue of law and order, with it being made clear that if i bring up the political nature of this persecution to the jury i will be found in contenmpt and the trial would continue without me.

Despite this political persecution and criminalziation, aimed at making myself an example he has been powerless and impotent to stop the growth of the peoples movement and he has failed in intimidating myself or aother activists from chalenging his blatent use of the court system as a tool to silence politics or indimidate people from being political. I have still been active and will continue to be so despite threats by the state to pull my bail and thrown me in the slammer before trial (these threats have been made numerous times by lawenforcement, intelligence agencies and other lackeys of miller)

So despite his kangeroo courts, where those facing political charges cantt use politics as a defense, and despite his continued harrassment of activist attempting to portray us as thugs and hoodlums, he is impotent to stop our organzing and resistance.

The states latest attempt to criminalize, incarcerate and indimidate activists, is the recent attempt of the state to extradite a US activist to canada to face KKKanadian injustice. This, like the secret publication ban, is unpresidented in recent Canadian history, and goes to show that even after years of the protest passing the state will vindictivly hunt down and jail activists whose only crime is to resist the neo liberal capitalist attacks on peoples rights by defending the real criminals and conspiritors, the G20 who behind closed doors implementausterity, genocide and colonialisim, while criminalizing those who are defending there communities from said attacks.

Yet despite all this, no matter how mant people they arrest and incarcerate in there attempt to stop the movement they will fail. The movement is not a few “leaders and organizors” but rather a large segment of the population who is sick of being told to tighten there belt, while the rich eat caviare. Reistance is growing fromidle no more to anti austerity protests and the state with all there weapons and informers are impotent to stop the growing resistance.

Defend the right to hand out political material on City property!!!

23 Feb

Usually every saturday some of us go to the farmers market in Kitchener and hand out literature about workers struggle, as well as various diffrent workers organizations magazine. In the past this has never been an issue.

Today we woke up bright and early and went to the market to hand out a magazine made by factoriy workers talking about the impact of neo liberalism on the workplace, very similar to the stuff we usually hand out, however this magazine had a sickle and hammer on the cover.

Shortly after we arrived we were politley asked to not distribute political literature at the market, despite the fact that it is city property, and in the past we have had serious political fights for our right to distribute political literature on city property.

The guy who asked us to do it on the sidewalk was sort of apologetic, and although this sets a dangerous precident, it wasnt my call to make, so we moved to the side walk and were very polite.

Given the fact that i know quite a few vendors, i went inside to get a coffee and started chit chating with some of my Nicaraguan friends. We were talking about the irony that even though the stuff we distributed in the past talked about issues of workers (a diffrent organization then the material we were distributing today) and the content was political it only becomes an issue when the sickle and hammer is on the material. My friend was telling me about the need to not display such imagery cause it scares people and its better to get the message accross without flaunting our politics. i of course disagree but it was a friendly discussion. At this point in time the person i was distributing came in, and we were joking around about how hes freezing outside while im having warm coffee and talking politics.

We went back outside and continued distribution. I had to go back in to grab some chicken and stuff to make a soup, when i heard the security guard radio the powers that be that i was inside distributing literature, which was not the case, but even if it was it is city property and as such we have the right to do it. i continued my shopping then had coffe with a friend.

At this point in time, i saw two police officers, who were probably there anyways, talikng to security about this, i snapped there picture and went back to finish my coffee. we then left since i needed a smoke, and the cops didnt say anything.

On the one hand security guards to tend to over react and the police that they were talking to about this were probably there anyways. i doubt there is even an incident report.

On the other hand it is a dangerous precedent to allow security to tell people not to distribute literature on city property, if they can do it at the Market they can then do it at other places.

As well the other issue is the idea that we should be ashamed of our political symbols, the sickle and hammer represents the workers and peasants just strugglle for political power. it is not the sickle and hammer that brings repression, but rather the fact that those who identify with these ideals are those that are strugglling for political solutions to the problems that people are facing. People say that socialists and communists should just change there name and all will be hunky dory. if communists changed there name to the purple flowers green grass party and were effective, then purple flowers and green grass would be criminalized and marginalized. So the issue is not to try to hide our politics, or be ashamed of our politics, but rather, to defend our politics and our right to be political. We should not be ashamed or apologize for our political views but rather be prinicpled and defend our right to be political!!!!

US activist faces extradition to Canada in Regards to g20 related Charges

23 Feb

From The Salon

Over two years since the G20 summit in Toronto, which saw a significant amount of property damage exacted on the city, an American activist has been arrested and faces extradition to Canada.

Joel Bitar was granted bail for $500,000 and will face an extradition hearing in March, according to a release published Friday at SuppotJoel.Com:

On Thursday, February 14th, at 6 o’clock in the morning, federal marshals arrested an American activist, Joel Bitar, in his New York, NY home on a provisional arrest warrant issued by the US Attorney’s office, acting on a foreign extradition request from Canadian authorities. The complaint against Joel cites 26 counts, almost all relating to property damage that occurred during the G20 summit protests in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in June 2010.

In 2010 it was announced that extradition was being sought for three Americans on property damage charges. However, no arrests have been made until this month.

According to the release, the assistant U.S. Attorney has stated that Bitar’s charges are “extraditable offenses that endangered Canadian citizens.” As the release also notes, however, the extradition of a protester for property damage is “almost unprecedented in the histories of both the United States and Canada.”

Messages of support for Bitar from activist and anarchist circles in New York and beyond quickly spread online. “We are in solidarity with Joel Bitar — who is a friend, a son, a nephew, a Palestine solidarity activist, a co-worker, a prospective nursing student,” noted the release on his support site. Another online commenter wrote of Bitar that he “has a pure heart and true courage.” “This is terrifying,” the commenter noted.

After visit from CSIS, Hamilton man criticizes ‘intimidation’

22 Feb

From CBC
After visit from CSIS, Hamilton man criticizes ‘intimidation’
Outspoken labour and anti-racism advocate Ken Stone says he got an unexpected visit at home from two CSIS agents after an editorial he wrote criticizing the federal government’s policy on Iran.
After visit from CSIS, Hamilton man criticizes ‘intimidation’
Activist writes newspaper piece about Iran, then agents come to his house
By Cory Ruf, CBC News
Posted: Feb 21, 2013 11:31 AM ET
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2013 7:54 AM ET
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Spectator: Harper is wrong in demonizing Iran
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Hamiltonian Ken Stone is speaking out against what he says is a campaign by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to put a “chill” on activists.

Hamilton activist Ken Stone said CSIS agents paid him a visit at his home on Jan. 25. SuppliedAn outspoken labour and anti-racism advocate, Stone said he got an unexpected visit at home from two CSIS agents after an editorial he wrote for the Jan. 11 issue of the Hamilton Spectator, headlined “Harper is Wrong in Demonizing Iran.”

“Two people appeared at my door, and I thought they were Jehovah’s Witnesses,” he said of the Jan. 25 encounter. “They identified themselves as being CSIS agents.”

The visitors, Stone said, told him that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was aware of the editorial and its mention of his October 2011 visit to Iran to attend a conference on Palestinian human rights.

Stone made the trip at the invitation of Iranian parliament. It took place less than a year before Canada suspended diplomatic relations with Iran. In Sept., Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Iran “is among the world’s worst violators of human rights” and represents “the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.”

Stone told CBC Hamilton “they wanted to know what my relationship was with the government of Iran. They also said that they wanted to hear from me especially because they thought my views on Iran might be favourable.”

‘“It had nothing to with national security or espionage. It was, in my opinion, intimidation.”

—Ken Stone, activist
Stunned, Stone told the visitors his opinions on the topic were already public and asked the investigators to leave. He recommends that anyone who finds themselves in the same position do the same.

Moreover, the former postal worker and teacher said he’s going public to raise the alarm about what he believes is a campaign to silence vocal critics of the Canadian government.

“It had nothing to with national security or espionage. It was, in my opinion, intimidation.”

After the visit, Stone contacted his member of Parliament, Hamilton New Democrat Chris Charlton, who in turn put him in touch with the party’s public safety critic, British Columbia MP Randell Garrison.

“I think whenever people don’t feel safe and sound in their country, there is cause for concern,” said Charlton. “Frankly, if it is true that CSIS is out there intimidating law-abiding Canadians, they need to cease and desist.”

In an email to CBC Hamilton, CSIS spokesperson Anam Alvi said the agency doesn’t comment on specific cases, but denied the organization aims to stifle Canadians’ rights to free speech.

“Lawful advocacy, protest or dissent cannot be investigated unless such activities are carried out in conjunction with specific threats to national security as defined in the CSIS Act.”

He confirmed that CSIS agents “talk to many Canadians, every day, in a variety of settings” — conversations he characterized as “generally very cordial and frankly benign.”

Corrections and Clarifications
This article originally stated that Stone visited Iran in October 2012. In fact, he had gone to Iran in October 2011, less than a year before Canada cut off diplomatic relations with the Middle Eastern state. Feb. 22, 2013 at 7:42 a.m.
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Resist police intimidation, dont tell them shit!!!!

21 Feb

Yesterday, at six oclock a police officer decided to come and “hang out” and get a coffe at a local community space. While inside he was talking to people and “chit chating” asking people questions about activists and who hangs out there.

This was done at the exact time and location where we ask people to come forward with stories and information about there experiance with the new PAVIS model of policing for our people report on community policing that will be released on march 15th.

The presense of this police officer had nothing to do with being nice and wanting a coffe but rather was an attempt to intimidate people from participating as well an attempt to gather information and normalize the presence of police in community and political spaces.

Ironically as he left he took flyers that were in this space that dealt with issues of anti imperialism, making it obvious that this trip was an attempt at information gathering, and demonstrating the political nature of his visit.

We call on all people to refuse to be intimidated by police, as well as ask people not to talk or give any information to police. There so called chit chat has nothing to do with being nice or caring but rather is an attempt at gathering information, and nromalizing there presence in our community.

We demand police withdraw from community spaces and end there campaighn of creating fear at peoples participation in polittics.

Anti-Colonialist Movie Night, “The Wind That Shook the Barley” and Rafflle for Irish Republican POW’s

20 Feb

Anti-Colonialist Movie Night, “The Wind That Shook the Barley” and Rafflle for Irish Republican POW’s
March 8th, 7pm
Queens Street Commons, 43 Queen Street S, Kitchener, Ontario

Join us for our first monthly Anti-Colonialist movie night.
This month we will present “The Wind That Shook the Barley”, followed by a discusion about partiton in Ireland as well as the Good Friday Agreement and it’s implementation.

We will also announce the winner of the month long raffle for the prison art from MagHaberry, which will be available at the Movie Night. To purchase before hand please contact

All proceeds go to support the POW’s and their families.


20 Feb

.by Irish Freedom Committee, Inc. on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 12:22pm ·…CONTACT THERESA VILLIERS, NORTHERN IRELAND SECRETARY OF STATE, TO RELEASE MARIAN PRICE

Theresa Villiers holds the power to release Marian Price!!

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TODAY TO 1) COMPLETE THIS EASY ACTION AND 2) FORWARD TO ALL OF YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS. Marian Price is “Ireland’s Mandela”. Marian’s health has deteriorated drastically since her sister’s death last month. She can and should be released to home specialist medical care – the pretense of the British government having “lost” her Pardon is long past absurd and her continued imprisonment is cruel in the extreme. Your voice DOES HELP – Do not remain silent in this human rights travesty!!

We must all act NOW to see she is released as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please copy and paste the short letter below into the form at the address provided, leaving your contact details, and send today. More action steps to follow. RELEASE MARIAN NOW!!


1. GO TO



I am extremely concerned about the dire physical state of your female Irish political prisoner Marian Price, and I am writing from the United States to demand her immediate and unconditional release on health grounds. As an Irish American I do not wish to live to see another needless and cruel death by slow torture of an Irish prisoner in a British-run prison. I ask now with urgency that sense and reason prevail, despite the total lack of compassion from your offices in this matter; and that Marian Price be released TODAY to live out her remaining days in intensive medical care surrounded by her family. The courtesy of your prompt response is anticipated. Most sincerely,