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Urgent Call Brian Larkin and tell him to keep his goons in line

30 Jul

Chief Of Police- Bryan Larkin
(519) 650-8500 ext. 8700 |
please leave a msg as it is quite rare that a human answers any number for any of the police bureaucrats.

Today police have called in complaints to the City and bylaw to try to force us out of the place where we are currently set up. Furthermore police that should be under his control are currently preparing to evict us if we do not leave the area where we are now. These actions are in sharp contrast to the tweet he sent earlier stating that police are not involved in evictions of tent city.

Furthermore this action of police agents which are suppose to be under his control are sabotaging our negotiations which we currently are engaged in with the region to solve the current issue by addressing the root issue which is that people have no place to live. The more time we spend dealing with this bullshit the less time we have to spend preparing for Wednesdays meeting to get the people into housing. If the tent city so bothers the police then they should back off and allow us to get people into housing so that there will be no need for people to be at tent city.

As such we are asking people to call Larkin and tell him in a polite but firm way to back off and keep his goons in line

Meeting With Region And City Very Promising

29 Jul

Today people from Tent City met with the Region and the city for the purpose of finding decent housing fit for human beings. The meeting started with all the people at the table stating why they were there. This was followed by a discussion about the problems people face when looking for housing and the dangers that people face inside shelters and why shelters are not solutions. Among those who have had life experience in shelters the consensus was that tent city was much much safer then shelters and that the shelter system as is clearly can not accommodate vulnerable individuals.

After a lengthy debate where people talked about safety concerns that poor people have about shelters etc. we were told that every name on our list for housing was inactive and as such their files need to be updated and made active, and that this is a first step to speeding up the process. It was stated to people and all agreed that the issue of housing these people could not drag on forever.

The region then handed us folders with the names of all the people we gave them that had the necessary paper work to update their files as active as well as to give these people emergency status. Another meeting was set up for Wednesday at 11am which would also include a welfare worker where these forms will be handed in and these individuals could meet one on one with the necessary people to put them into housing.l Until this issue is settled it was agreed that the policy towards tent city from the city of don’t go looking for us will continue as people have nowhere to go till they get into housing and the need for tent city still exists. We look forward to the meeting Wednesday and moving forward together to house people.

Who Watches The Watchmen, On Rouge Police in Kitchener

27 Jul

They are still a rich mans police force they serve the rich mans state they’ll fucken charge the workers on the orders of the great they’ll use their fathers weapons to move against the free, ohh they’ll always be the RUC to me- C. Murphy

As those who are following my blog know we are currently in negotiations with the city, the region and By Law. We have had cordial discussion with By Law and these groups and the dialogue is clearly in everyone’s interest. Yet yesterday the police once again showed up to our new site where we moved with a measuring tape to see how far we were from the tracks etc and they called in a complaint to the city.

The city did not remove us as it is not in their interest to do so. Yet the police, which is suppose to be part of the judiciary and unbiased in political matters called in a complaint to the city. Furthermore upon further investigation individual officers have been calling complaints in to the city for a bit.

This is interesting for two reasons 1. The police falls under the jurisdiction of the region if the region is telling the cops to chill then whose orders are they following? Whom are they accountable to? Do they just do whatever they want and respond to no one? By definition this is a police force gone rouge. The second interesting thing is that the police is suppose to investigate complaints not file them particularly if it is a complaint of a political nature. Why is the police force not only acting in a bias manner but totally abusing the complaint system? After all they are their to investigate complaints not make them.

To add further fuel to the fire Brian Larkin the Chief of police just said that the police were not involved in Evictions of tent city in a response to a tweet by one Dan Keller from sound fm. This could mean two things, 1. That Brian Larkin thinks everyone is stupid and that whole neighborhoods don’t notice police harassing and evicting us or that Larkin has no control of his police force and his officers have gone rouge.

Since i like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I like to take people for their word when the cops show up to tent city or any of the tent city satellites it might be wise to advise everyone to ignore them as they are not following orders and if they attempt to remove us to place those officers under citizens arrest since they are responsible to no one and are doing what they want. Maybe we can move back to the old site as Larkin stated their was no police involvement for eviction and therefore the eviction does not exist. In any case the next visit from the police to our site will be interesting as for sure we will now ignore these rouge officers who are not even following the orders of their chief.

Meeting with City and Region on Housing set for this Friday at 9:30 am

26 Jul

After much consultation and discussion we have reached an agreement to have our first sit down with the Region and others involved to solve the homeless problem that gave rise to tent city by finding people affordable housing as well as necessary resources so people can maintain their housing. We thank everyone who has supported our just demands and send solidarity to the Tent City’s in Vancouver and other places still struggling for justice. We also would like to thank our international allies in Latin America for the political support, as well as those comrades in Ireland, particularly the 32CSM our sister organization and Kevin Patrick Meehan an amazing comrade whom I eventually hope to meet and have real coffee with not that instant shite they serve in Belfast.

Police declare tent city enemys of the state by using Public Works Act to Evict US!!!!!

25 Jul

call (519) 741 2330
Ask the city to keep police out of this.

Over the weekend Tent City has had quite a few visitors, most of them police officers and By Law agents and although many of them have acted in a calm fashion the legislation that they are using to remove us today is anything but calm. During WWII a peace of legislation was passed called the Public Works act which allows the police to suspend any rights if you are within a certain distance of Public Works and such to prevent sabotage or the passing on of information to enemy agents.

During peace times this legislation is never used except once in 2010 at the G20, saying that the protective fence falls under this category. The use of this law during the G20 provoked a public outcry and world wide condemnation since this act is to be used against enemy’s of the state, the use of this act declared protestors and dissenters as enemy’s of the state.

With the WRPS using this act on homeless people in Kitchener they are declaring that we as poor people are enemy’s of the state and as such will be dealt with accordingly. This is quite a dangerous territory for the WRPS to thread as last time the WRPS treated people as enemies of the state the whole G20 fiasco ensued. However homeless people dont have Judy Rebick et al to speak on their behalf nor do we have the resources that the G20 legal team had. The use of this act is a declaration of war on poor people and we call on all people to take a stand with us against this criminalization of poverty.

Stop the attacks on Tent City!!!!!!End Police Aggression Until Talks Are Complete!!!!!!!

24 Jul

call (519) 741 2330
Demand a end to Police harassment until negotiations are complete.

This morning tent city has had three visits by the police whom have stated that we have until tomorrow at 8:30 am to once again back our stuff and move. This visit by police is not an accident but rather an attempt to keep us in crisis mode so that we cant participate in these negotiations since we are busy being chased like dogs. The reality of the situation is that Tent City will continue to exist until these negotiations are complete due to the fact that people have nowhere to go. The only solution to this problem is the one the city has proposed to house the people staying at tent city and have support systems for them to lift themselves out of this capitalist trap.

We ask the police to back off, give us breathing space and allow us the space we need to continue the negotiations.

Negotiations with City on finding housing for people at tent city moving forward

22 Jul

Today we met with people from the city to discuss a solution that benefits all. We handed over the list of names of people that we are asking to be given affordable housing and we are both moving forward on this issue. We hope to come to a conclusion to this situation in the next little bit and feel that these negotiations are of the utmost importance.

Yesterday their was a crisis created by rumour mongering and paranoia that distracted us from dealing with the situation as is. These rumours have been put to rest and we feel that the city is genuine in their dealings with us. We have set up clear lines of communications and in the future people should not believe what they here unless it comes from , on our side Myself Don or Jon, on the cities side Gloria Mac Neil. Rumours and scare tactics serve the powers that be and in the future we must act like true revolutionaries seeking truth from facts.

Tomorrow we will be at the farmers market in the morning collecting donations for our project and ask that people come and assist us and donate what they can.