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Condo’s Get Hit Again!!!!

30 Apr

Today KW Occupy took a stand against the gentrification and destruction of the downtown community by once again occupying the downtown office of the condo developers. The office, which is a model condo, is used to show prospective buyers what they could expect if they buy a Condo, we decided that it was important for them to know exactly what they are in for, including the fact that yuppies are not welcome!!!!!

These condos aim at displacing working class and poor people from the downtown core and today we showed, once again that we will not let that happenned.

After calling the police the office worker closed an hour early, and when police showed up and went inside to talk to her we decided to take off.(we were niether under arrest nor detained)

This is a continuation of our campaighn against gentrification and we will continue this fight till we are victorious

Hail The Heroic Vietcong!!!

30 Apr

38 years ago, under the leadership of the NLF, the people of Vietnam dealt a desisive blow to the U$ imperialists winning national liberation and freedom. This victory of the people of Vietnam against one of the most powerful imperialist nation shows what an oppressed people can achieve through unity, vigilance and resistance. The defeat of the u$ imperialists was not just a victory of the people of Vietnam but rather a victory of the peoples of the world and its impact can still be felt today. 38 years later the lessons of the Vietnamese people in this victory is just as relevant as it was back then, which is that a small group of people, through action based on analysis can unify the whole peoples and defeat capitalist and imperialist paper tigers. On this anniversary, let us not only be nostaligic, but rather also learn lessons from the youth in the Sixties, specifically on our internationalist obligations towards those fighting imperialism here and abroad!!!!!

Callout for sit in at British Consulate!!!Free Price and Corey, end the torture of POWS in MagHaberry!!!!!

30 Apr

Friday May 31`st 10 am, British Consulate 777 Bay St College Park Toronto

The British occupation in the six counties have illegally detained and imprisoned Marian Price and Martin Corey for two and three years respectfully. Further more they have repeatidly broken the 2010 arrangement with the Irish prisoners in MagHaberry, forcing strip searches and other forms of torture and degradation upon them. Despite letters, emails and phonecalls from the international community, they are continueing there practise of human rights abuses through internment, political policing and abuse of prisoners. On May 31st,Anti Colonialist working group is calling on people to participate in a peaceful sit in at the British consulate in Toroto demanding an end to this and the freedom of Price, Corey and all other prisoners suffering internment, as well as political status for all POWS!!!!!

Memorys of Antifacist Actions and Kyle Mcgee the coward!!!!

26 Apr

Most people know that my shift from being a book armchair Marxist to political

activism started with Anti Fa work.Kitchener had a NAZI problem for quite awhile which

lead to the creation of ARA. Shortly after I got jumped by Nazi’s in front of my

school and seeing that none of the teaachers did shit aND LET ME GET BEAT UP , I

joined ARA. From 1996 or 1995 till 2001 when we finally drove them out of town, we had

quite a few street fights, altercations etc. my cat was killed by NAZIS, my family

threatened etc. etc. In 2001, when we started the first youth run youth drop in centre

in Canada with no government funding, shit came to a head, with NAzis attacking our

centre, smashing the windows and other such shit, we responded by defending what was

ours and shortly after an altraction we chased them, surrounded them, and the downtown

youth joined us forcing them to be escorted by police, killing all there credability,

and exposing them for what they are.

Over the years there were quite a few people who were NAZIs that showed , and i hate

to use this word, bravery, Kyle Mcgee was not one of them. I first heard of him during

2002 or so when he attended a pro palestinian rally that we organized, to harrass and

threaten my sister. Anyone who met her knows she has quite a mouth and even I am

scared of her when she is angry….lol, she didnt take to kindly to his bullshit and

stood up to him, at which point a city worker accidently hit him in the head with a

pole. I later heard of him when he tried to confront one of her friends because she

was a “dirty jew”, but apprently things didnt go his way once again and i dont know

the specifics but she walked away unharmed, the same cant be said about Kyle. Our

knowledge of kyle from his actions is one of cowardess and not being able to cope with

such a huge anti fa precence, he fabricated charges against some of our comrades and

wrote bullshit statements to the police, whom he would always run and hide behind when

he bit off more then he could chew.

I remeber when I ran into him at williams coffee pub with his buddies and i called him

a zionist fuck a few times talking about the support the facists gave Zionist which is

very well documented, and knowing that was the worst thing i could call him. When he

got sick of me calling him that, he was like fine I am a zionist, to which I replied,

now write that in your police statement, at which point we went to the park to deal

with stuff and once again things didnt go his way, when he tried to pepperspray me and

others, it blew in his face and he met anti fa resistance, his buddies abandoned him

and his attempt to start a white power crew blew up in his face.

In all my encounters with him what I learned is that he is not a person of principle,

but rather a coward who attacks people whom he percieves as vulnerable, and goes to

the police when shit doesnt go his way.

I followed his carrear in Calgary with some interest, and despite the internet trying

to make him look like a white power saviour, he is still a coward at heart. His

violent acts, and firebombing and shit, terrorising children and civilians is only

done when he has lots of people to back him, or when he assumes people are vulnerable.

he sends his friends to do his dirty work, and hides behind his crew. his politics are

shoddy even for a white supremacist, and at the end of the day the reason he is in

Alberta is because he never was shit here.

Despite this, we must not ignore the threat that NAZi’s like him present to our

community. What he wants to build and is getting support for is a society that aims at

liquidating a huge protion of the population and entrenching the system of white

supremacy and exploitation. His views and politics are based on terror for the sake of

terror and power by brute force for no other end then entrenching his psuedo

darwinistic might makes right agenda.To sit by silently and not oppose the facists in

the street gives them space to build, and as all people know apeasement didnt work

during WWII it wont work now!!!!

Facists only understand violence, and to allow this violence to go unoppossed will not

in any way make it go away. In this time of economic turmoil and crisis the right is

entrenching there control, and using people like kyle as foot soldiers to impose their

agenda. We must mobalize the community and oppose this!!!!Never let the NAziS have the



25 Apr

On April Anti Racist Action went to the new Kitchener Courthouse to oppose Nazi’s Eric Marshall and Jessie Lajoie who were in court that day for a variety of charges. When we arrived at the courthouse we unfurled our banner and hung it on the court sighn, while we were handing out leaflets informing people about the need to confront these peaces of shit. City workers then approuched us from the courthouse and told us to take down our banner to which we replied we would rather not. We then started to take each others pictures on cellphone. A comrade from Guelph and Toronto then started to give speeches stating why we needed to oppose facists while a Detective who has a history of political policing was watching and observing us from the steps.

A NAZI Scumbag then passed us, avoiding us and saying nothing because like other NAZIS
he is a coward and only acts tough when he has alcohol in his blood, cause the only courage he has comes from a bottle. He went to join his two cowardly cohorts in the court, not saying shit. A speaker then spoke of the proud history of Kitchener in chasing NAZIS out of town, as well as the hsitory of collaboration between state facists in blue aka police and NAZI scum, as well as mentioning cowardly acts of violence performed by these NAZIS. We then observed that quite a few cops were watching us so we went to take their pictures while they were writing notes about us.

After there first apperance in courts the NAZI fuckers decided to leave out the back with the assitance of the police who then informed us that they were gone. I guess they are tough when its a bunch of them against one guy, but quite a diffrent story when they are met with resistance. Blood and Hounour my ASS!!!!

Toronto ABC letter writing night for palestinian prisoners

25 Apr

Sunday, April 28
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St.


Each April, Toronto ABC devotes our monthly letter writing dinner to Palestinian prisoners.

Join us for an update on the situation for Palestinian prisoners, recent hunger strikes, and how you can help. We’ll be writing letters of solidarity to several prisoners and their families.

As always, we’ll provide a tasty vegetarian meal, and all of the information and materials you need. Join us for a relaxed and social night of discussion!

For the latest report from Addameer on Palestinian prisoners and abuses against them, check out this PDF:

Thanks to Beit Zatoun ( for their ongoing support of our letter nights for prisoners. On the last Sunday of each month, we gather for food, camaraderie and to learn more about political prisoners and how we can support them. For more info, visit

Nefarious falsified charges dropped against Ardoyne Community activist.

24 Apr


On 15th July 2012 i was arrested by the PSNI in an early morning raidon my home. This was in relation to a number of scurrilous accusations made by a single PSNI officer regarding my behaviour while acting as a steward at the successful GARC protest march against sectarianism on the 12th July 2012. I was accused by this PSNI officer of throwing a missile at police lines, an accusation that i have vociferously rejected at all times. In addition to this charge, i was also charged with an historical offence, namely attacking a British soldier in 2005
– again on the word of a single PSNI officer, over seven years after the alleged event.
As a result of the actions of these PSNI officers, my home was wrecked during the raids that accompanied my arrest – distressing my partner and two young children. Many personal items were also seized, some with sentimental value, that have still not been returned to me. The main result was that i was on remand for three months in Maghaberry Gaol, taken from my family. During these three months i applied for bail on a number of occasions and this was refused by numerous judges,
based on the PSNI’s opposition and their supposed “fear of
re-offending”. At the same time others were granted bail, including a number of loyalists who were released with no attached bail conditions. This was especially galling for my family and friends who had to sit through the bail applications of loyalists with far stronger evidence against them and see bail granted, then watch as my own application was refused. I was eventually granted bail in October 2012 after serving three months, all of which I served on full protest with other Republicans in Roe House.
The 2005 charges were dropped a number of weeks ago, based on lack of evidence. This justified my position that these charges were simply introduced as a “back up” – to ensure that coupled with 2012 charges I would be remanded and taken off the streets by the PSNI. Today all charges in relation to 12th July were dismissed at Belfast Magistrates Court, further vindicating my belief that these were politically motivated charges with a number of sinister objectives on behalf of
the PSNI. Firstly, as a Republican Activist from Ardoyne that works hard on a number of campaigns, it was in the interests of a State Militia to remove me from the streets. Doing so, and using the word of one officer as reasonable evidence to do so, demonstrates internment by remand is a strategic policy used by the PSNI and PPS in 2013 Ireland. Secondly, the GARC mobilisation of 2,500 Ardoyne Residents on 12th July 2012 was seen by the PSNI, and by association the State, as a demonstration by the Ardoyne community that enough was enough when it came to Sectarian Marches through our area. Imprisoning me was to be interpreted as a warning to all those in attendance that if they oppose Loyal Order parades then they too will face accusations and charges. This further demonstrates the one sided nature of Policing with regard to this issue, however the overwhelming support that I and my family have received since this ordeal began has shown that, far
from scaring the Ardoyne community, it has made it more determined to oppose these parades and the attempted criminalisation of residents that accompanies them.
Today the PSNI have been shown for what they are, a corrupt force that is there to promote a state agenda by whatever means necessary – even if it means falsely charging and imprisoning innocent people, simply for their political beliefs. They are no different to their forerunners in the RUC in this regard and as such should continue to be rejected by Republicans and all those who state they are concerned with the protection of fundamental human rights. Those who continue to be
apologists and welcome the PSNI into communities such as Ardoyne need to be challenged, but at the same time these people need to look deep inside themselves and ask are they comfortable supporting and promoting a force that has as a policy of selective internment by remand – taking fathers and mothers from their children for prolonged periods of time.It is simply not good enough to say political policing should not affect people onl y if they still support certain political
party’s. If they look hard deep enough and be honest with themselves and others, then they will cease lending credence to a police force that is as discredited as the one which they used to oppose.

Rally against Nazi Scum!!!!!

24 Apr

Community Rally Against Racism

This is a callout to all antiracists and allies in the tri-city area, the time has come to mobilize and let the boneheads know that though we have been quiet and not actively organizing we are still here and we not allow racists to ever get a foothold on our streets again. We are calling for folks to assemble in Kitchener at Speakers Corner (King/Fredrick) on April 25th @9am

On April 25th Eric Marshall and Jessie Lajoie will be appearing at the Kitchener courthouse on charges of aggravated assault, conspiring to commit an aggravated assault, and wearing masks. Both have conditions that prohibit them from contact with Kyle Mckee and from accessing the blood & honour website. Jessie Lajoie is a (former?) member of Blood & Honour Calgary (whose leader is former Kitchener resident Kyle Mckee), a white supremacist group that has organized “white Pride Rallies” and whose members have been arrested for violent assaults on visible minorities.

Kitchener-Waterloo has a proud history of confronting racists in our community. In the 90’s when neo-nazis had a foothold on our streets, youth and concerned citizens organized and resisted their efforts and chased them outta town. In recent months there have been reports of white supremacists organizing in the tri-cities and surrounding areas. Once again KW must unite to oppose the racist scum that wants to pollute our city and streets with their racist garbage.

for more info contact:

A group of boneheads held a rally in London Ontario on april 13


23 Apr

On April 23rd a handful of people went to the new 1 billion dollar “anti terrorist” courthouse to hand out flyers about the crimes of CAS, as well as informing people about their rights. People gave speaches on the megaphone as well as handed out literature. This was greated with passerbyers honking support and raising clenched fists. After a bit of time passed, police asked us to leave the front of the courthouse due to the fact that they said you are not allowed to protest the on the courthouse terrance, despite the fact that we were not impeading anyone, nor interfering with the proceedings inside.

When we pointed out that this was public property and where is there a law against protest on public property, the cop could give a coherant answer and went inside to get his cronys.

HE came back out with two cops per person as well as a building manager or some shit telling us to leave. None of these people could show us any law saying what we were doing is illegal and why we should stop giving out information on public property. The closest we got to an answer was one cop who said their is a law somewhere wbut he doesnt know what it is and doesnt want to give us false info (the irony is that it is a court house where they inforce the laws, they should at least know what the laws are!!!)

When we finally decided to leave and go on the sidewalk we were approuched by a woman who works in family law who thanked us for giving information, and complained about how screwed up the system is!!!

Most people were receptive and it was a posative experiance. We will continue to raise awareness and will be back at the courthouse demanding accountability from CAS (as well as cops who enforce laws that no one even them know about)

Info Picket to Defend Venezuela a success!!!

22 Apr

On Monday April 22nd, people gathered in front of Kitchener City hall to distribute information and take a stand against U$ and KKKanadian state support for acts of violence perpetrated by right wing forces in Venezuela to destabalize the Bolivarian Revolution. Speeches were given, sighns were held and the event ended with free style rap by Chico, a political hip hop artist.

People were receptive, and the info went pretty quick!!!!