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32CSM Speech at vigil in Montreal against the sectarian massacres in Egypt, Pakistan and Montreal

20 Dec

Comrades and friends the 32CSM is happy to stand here with you to remember the victims of sectarian attacks in Egypt Pakistan and here.
Sectarianism, religious hatred, and conflict that divides the people based on ethnicity, religion or personal differences goes against every idea and principle that republicanism holds dear.

The basic principles of Republicanism is unity of peoples regardless of religious or ethnic differences for the purpose of engaging in a nation building project of a new kind, the creation of a nation where membership in the nation is not based on blood or religion but rather the unity of the peoples around the basic principles and ideal of enlightenment science and reason.

Republicanism is a nation building project where anyone who takes up the work to build the Republic and upholds the standards and values that the Republic is based on
human rights that people have by virtue of being human, is a member of that nation
The 32CSM condemns the sectarian attacks in Egypt not only because of the fact that innocent blood was shed
but because the sectarian nature of these attacks go against the very principles on which Republicanism is founded on. Sectarianism has always been a tool of Imperialists particularly British Imperialists whom use sectarianism as a way of dividing people to create choas among the people giving them a pretext to present themselves and their occupying forces as peace keepers whose removal will lead to violence and bloodshed thereby masking the truth that they are the ones whom created the conflict among the people and their occupation is the root cause of the conflict.

In the context of Egypt since the time of Nasser sectarian violence has been used to divide the people to stop them from unifying in a nation building project of building a just society based on the principles of liberty equality and fraternity
and the recent attacks are the continuation of the violence against the Egyptian people instigated by the imperialists to destabilize the country and create the pretext for foreign intervention.

When Nasser nationalized the Suez Cannel and demanded that the Egyptian people have the rights to their resources the whole imperialist camp particularly the British imperialists and the Zionists demanded the destruction of the Egyptian Republic.
Seeing that they could not enforce this through the use of arms the imperialist camp attempted to destabilize Egypt by funding and financing the extremist groups that today are carrying out this attack.
By promoting sectarian violence they attempted to divide the Egyptian people to destroy Nassers nation building project from inside.

The 32CSM stands with the peoples of Egypt who refuse to be divide by religion and ethnicity in condemning the recent sectarian attack and furthermore the 32CSM condemns the cause of this violence western imperialism interfering in other nations right to determine their own destiny and creating these monstrous forces which are causing violence terror and bloodshed all over the world today.

Alan Ryan People Community Defense Brigade sets up table in ceder hills community and cleans up the filth

2 Dec

Despite pimps cruising in their bougie cars to attempt to intimidate us and johns being forced to go someone where else to exploit people, the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade set up a table at the top of Church and Madison handed out coffee, kept and eye on the street and picked up three bags of garbage as well handed out literature.

People from the community thanked us for the work that we were doing and we had many discussions on the work of our organization. We picked up three bags of garbage including drug paraphernalia but no needles due to the success of harm reduction initiatives.

The place we chose to set up shop was a alley where bad shit goes on and a friend of ours killed herself a few years back. This is the area another friend of ours was murdered and the killer walked because he was white and the victim was black.

Flyers explaining who we are and how to get involved were also handed out and we feel that this manner of patrolling the community works best as it allows the community to approach us and talk about the issues we are facing we will be in the same place next Friday and look forward to seeing more people join us.

Meeting with VANDU on Safe injection site a success

2 Dec

Yesterday we held a community focus group on the issue of a safe injection site and its impact on the community. This focus group comprised of all stratas of society was not based on random theory or guess work but rather was based on a presentation and discussion with VANDU, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users which is a grassroots group in Vancouver. After a brief go around and presentation from Vandu including a Q and A period a discussion on the drugs problem in Kitchener took place as well as a discussin on what could be done to move forward. Discussion on our proposal took place as well as discussion on the work of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defene Brigade took place. A meeting will take place in the near future where all social agencies will be contacted to see what the can contribute to our proposal