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serving the poor in Gentrified Kitchener

11 Feb

Today we did the free food serving in front of Nadines Store. When we got there we were welcomed by a woman with white hair that literally hate such hate in her eyes, she was surrounded by her body guards and has a truck that she was throwing Nadines stuff in despite the fact that it is not her property and despite the fact that Nadine was not given a chance to reclaim her belongings. When we were serving ensures power bars supplies and things that people needed we coiuld see the burned up money mart sign next to the dumpster that has Nadines stuff in at one point and magicallyu caught fire.(Those who know a bit about the history of
Kitchener know that fire is the best friend of the gentrifier and in the 1990s when those pesky arcades and strip clubs would not close they magically caught fire allowing the developers to move in and do what they want.kinda like what happenned with the dumpster full of Nadines stuff).

We start chanting support Nadines store free snacks and supplies and quickly got rid of two boxes of ensures, boost, lots of power bars as well as supplies that people need. Stuff was gone in like half an hour.
Of course those krafty people at krafty Ramadan noodles called the police to stop us but all they did was drive by and give us stink eye. Amazingly many people came and stopped by to show their support including my grade 2 teacher and these people said they were proud of the work that we are doing. Ironically alot of support came from neighbours and people who live by whom have seen us sloganeering, handing out food and supplies for the last little bit every day since we announced that we would do it. They said they missed Nadine, the store and the life it brought to the street. The life of people living their every day struggle crushed by a machine called gentrification.Yet the struggle isnt over as long as their is life their is hope and Nadines store will rise out of the ashes. Thos that want to support can go to the go fund me

until then we will be there every day handing out food and supplies showing that you cant get rid of the poor.