The Ghost of the G20 Conspiracy still haunts me, aka why the fuck am I on the Narcotics Registry List?

20 Aug

So as some of you know I have been having serious health problems for most of my life but things came to a head when i was living in the artic. I was happy in the Artic was on the IAC (the equivalent of city council but we controlled the purse strings), I was able to work at a drop in with Indigenous youth, I saw the poverty and bullshit that they were going through and i was able to get language classes going hire elders, do harm reduction work and learn alot about colonialism from seeing the misery myself. Children as young as 5 were waiting outside the grocery store begging not for candy but for bread meanwhile millions of dollars were going into the NGO pockets. I made some good changes one was the mentorship program that if ur not from Inuvik u hire a youth at 20 bucks an hour which is a decent wage since milk costs 10 bucks for a carton and smokes r like 20 bucks a pack, and when your contract is up the youth gets the job. This was because almost all the jobs were going to people from Ontario etc.

Anyways due to the G20 infiltration that was going on and the plan to set me up for conspiracy charges they were not happy with me actually doing good shit and wanted me in jail for conspiracy and whatever other shit they through at me. In the artic i developed several health issues that led to blood poisoning and i passed out at work than realised that the floor was not a reasonable place to nap so i went on the couch. My boss who is good friends with my sister and a devote Muslim took me to the hospital where i required immediate surgery. I did the first two with only local anesthetic because i have seen what opiates have done to my friends and my community. My third surgery they put me out and my heart stopped because i cant do intubation. I went back to work with many more surgery’s. I avoided opiates and instead took lots of Tylenol (paracetamol, Acetaminophen etc) this caused complications so i finally listened to the doctor and started taking my pain meds, but not every day twice a week so i would not be addicted. I would make jokes and stuff but if you know me the things i joke about death addiction etc is my way of dealing with my fear. For example when i was done my first operation and hooked up to iv drip antibiotics i took the bag down with my boss and went out for a smoke, i honestly did not need a smoke thats how sick i was but i had to at least make a joke out of it that even in minus 50 weather while tied to an iv I will still sneak out in my hospital gown and underwear and have a smoke for the craic, you know the mischievous side of me.

I got sent back to Ontario and the woman who fired me without excuse cried because of how dedicated i was. Being sent back to Ontario was to set me up for my arrest incarceration kangeroo court and 3 months after my arrest because of the shit my moms death. They wanted me for something big and they spent two years infiltrating our circle of friends after they had psychological profiles on us and all that. So back in Ontario I go to the docter, Khalid the fucken undercover drove me to the doctor and intimidated him in cutting off my pains meds which was fine and then he offered me the same types of meds oxycontin 80 mgs. I said no cause of two reasons one im a organizor who works to get people off of drugs and getting oxys off an activist sounded very junkie like and could be used to discredit me and 2. I hate dealers and have no idea where these meds came from and 3. I dont trust random pills, in 2009 the fentynol crisis was killing many friends and assholes were using pill presses to put fewntynol in fucken perks, which would kill a person. After the arrest and all the fallout I found out I was put on the Narcotics Registry list but due to me breaking the publication ban on the under covers and the court case and the thousands of pages of disclosure focusing on my health, who and how i fuck (mad pages of my sex life described blow by blow) and showing the people how fucked up the state is I thought this was done with and I could go on with my life. The interesting thing is that this docter after talking to the cop said i was fine and was just seeking drugs which was fucked, cause I was dating someone whose family member was a docter and we did an ultra sound and what we saw pretty much freaked him a wee bit out. If i did not have that hookup i surly wou;ld have gotten blood poisoning again and been severely fucked. plus shortly after that i was so sick my skin exploded in the back and there was puss and blood everywhere. It was kinda funny cause my brother freaked out and was what do u want i will do anything and i said i want to smoke inside he got me a smoke and lit it but when the ambulance came the guy started yelling because i was smoking next to an oxygen tank that we had for a sick family member and how stupid that was i didnt notice the tank because it was like pretty fucken gross. Anyways the cops also came cause 911 was called and the paramedics slammed the door in there face.

Since then I have been using opiates on and off for pain when i become dependent i quite wait awhile and start again twice a week and try to keep it at that. This time i used 4 years before being dependent so i really didnt notice all the problems I had picking up my meds, well i noticed but it wasn’t a thing I worried about docters shift there work on nurses who shift it to someone else and shit gets lost well thats what i thought anyways. The last little bit my pain level increased dramatically and i became dependent. I noticed I always had problems getting my scripts or cops would be there or some other shit.This was fucken annoying and i Remember having to choose being in pain and dope sick or go to a conference cause cops were by the pharmacy. I choose the conference gave a good speech was dope sick and in pain but was great time. The whole story will be in another blog.

Anyways the week before i quit i kept on going into shock because of my pain levels and shock is scary as fuck, like dope sick is not that bad but when u cant feel your face and body and your breathe and you know oxygen is not getting to your extremities and your heart goes all crazy its fucken scary. The first night it happened I didnt even know what it was, was it my asthma was it this was it that me and my roomate tried everything finally 3 perks sorted it. The docter confirmed it was shock. These fuckers kept on not giving me my script, or have some excuse and i would call the docter and the docter would be like its faxed. and i would spend so much fucken time tryoing to sort it to keep the shock at bay. After I quit against my docters wishes I started to gewt chest pain i kept them a secret cause i knew what it was after my heart attack at the ILPS conference i saw my docter got a bunch of scripts for non opiod meds for pain as well as meds to keep my bp and heartrate down till we sort out a way to keep pain levels low enough or some shit like that. Of course there was a shitshow at the pharmacy and while i was making small talk with the pharmacist i asked why all these issues, she turned the computer and i found out that im still on the narcotics list and there are quite a few stipulations for example my scripts can be denied unless they are confirmed by my family docter who is in fucken etobicoke and you can only get the secretary. I remember before i quit i had a real bad impacted tooth on top of the gangrene and other shit and i was seeing red from pain and i called to ask for my script and they said we dont have it which was not what the docters office was saying etc. Now i know why,also this info is accessible to the police as red flags go when i script goes through and the state will fuck with your meds. Recently I went with my dad and other witnesses to show the fuckery. It was quite simple they gave me zopiclone instead of ambian and they only gave me 10 thc pills for pain they are called pms- Nabilone 1 mg, so i was owed 90 pills they gave me a few Im suppose to take one every four hours. I go back to change my meds that were the wrong ones and get some other meds that are owed to me. The fuckers get the supervisor who gets the pharmacist who gets someone else and they get on the phone for hours and only give another 10 THC pills knowing i need to travel and thats one of the only pharmacy i can get my meds and then make me pay more then 100 dollars for the meds i should have gotten and only gave me half of my meds for my heart. We knew whom they were on the phone with they didnt try to hide it.

So to be on this list you need to pose some sort of fucken threat, my reputation as a community organizer and all the fucken infiltrators know i hate dealers would never deal and hardly have money for my own fucken meds as i always run out get what is cheaper etc. The G20 disclosure shows i did not do any drugs except the ones perscribed and those only occasionally. The only way they were able to put me on this fucken list is because under bill c 51 the anti terror law based on the UK 2001 anti terror act they have the right to break the law and use all means available to crush political dissent. The G20 arrest, blogging trial etc exonerated me of any wrong doings so why the fuck am i still on this fucken list and how dare they fuck with my health. I plan to fight this tooth and nail because i find it morally repulsive and cowardly. It shows they have no honour and this must be exposed.

One final thing I got to see part of my psychological profile when i bailed out the comrade. I was shocked to see my medical shit on the document which i think should be confidential, the reason i was shocked is that these pigs know my healh is bad abd they still dont give a shit and will harass because of my views and politics

What is Tent City and What are We Fighting For

19 Aug

As people have noticed we have liberated part of Victoria Park and have set up tents free food and a safe place for people to stay. We are doing this for two reasons the first one is that people do not have a place to stay and are constant victims of police attacks, robbery, sexual assault and other things. We remember Paul Crouch beaten to death for shits and giggles by the Queens Own Rifles just cause he was sleeping outside, we remember our comrade Kelsey Jackson whose torso was discovered in a dumpster over a small ocxycotin debt , we remember all our friends who have died sleeping on the streets so yeah first and for most if the state will not solve our problems we will sort them out ourselves, it may be messy and sloppy sometimes but at least there is a level of safety and no matter what we dont lock people in cages like fucken animals the way the police do. When we sort out our problems we try to find just solutions not torture which is what the fucken state does.

The second reason is that Kitchener has a serious problem that is detrimental to the health of poor people. This problem is not accidental but a direct result of capitalism and what we are demanding is a solution to this problem. From the over 30 deaths this year of people we know who died from Fentynol laced heroin, to lack of medical attention poor people receive to the mass violence created by the false sense of scarcity created by the system all these problems are not caused by us but rather by the capitalist system. From the drug barons who dont give a fuck how many of their customers they kill, to the cuts started by the tories and continued by the Liberals these problems are problems created by the capitalist class. If the capitalist class is unwilling to sort out the problems that we are facing then we have no choice but to take up these problems ourselves and solve them to benefit the class. What we are asking for is two abandoned buildings that our comrades in the union have volunteered to fix where we can run our programs to sort out our problems. One room will be a overdose prevention site, then there will be a nurse that will come once a week to provide medical services, we will have programs to keep youth off of drugs, political meetings dealing with problems people on welfare and disability face, as well as education on international situation.

This is not an utopia we have run centers like this in the past and their is data that shows the correctness of our view. WE CANT HAVE ANY MORE PEOPLE DIE ON THE STREET BECAUSE OF PREVENTABLE ISSUES!!!!!We will camp out till we get this all we are asking for is two abandoned building that are fucken eyesores and we will sort it out ourselves. We have a proposal that we took to many public meetings and are in discussions with the region who are very receptive to our proposal and think we have the right idea.

One personal thought to show the necessity of what we are doing. Every year there are many people whom i use to talk to late at night at tent city many who are now dead, Adrian Racolta James aka Sketch and many more and you can here the silence around the circle those who are missing because they died because of Capitalism. I am sick of burying my friends and so are our comrades. We say this is a life or death struggle because for us thats what it is life or death struggle. I remember seeing DJ Cameron the night before he took his life because he was cut off of welfare and couldn’t deal with it and i see the walking dead with no hope in their eyes invisible to passerbyers as they beg for a coffee getting spit on and shit. This stops now, if the capitalist class doesnt want poor people on the streets give us our own place to discuss and sort our own problems because if you are not interested in solutions we are

The strange case of the never ending remand of our comrade

19 Aug

On Aug 3rd as surety to my comrade i dropped him off at court as was my duty with a note saying I give him permission to attend court and then come find me, as he is on house arrest and could only leave with a note from me. At 3 o clock when the action was over i decided to pick him up only to find out that he was arrested for failure to attend court on the court steps. The comrades original charge stemmed from living with a roomate who had an abusive ex with about 14 recorded hospitalizations. One incident in the court papers that comes up to my mind from looking at the comrades roomate at the times paperwork was an incident where they are bantering back and forth. The abusive ex grabbed her hand and pulled the thumb back breaking bone and ligament. The rest are just as brutal and no convictions due to the fact that he has family that has ties to the police. This abusive ex started stalking the comrades then roomates house and continued to escalate almost hitting the comrades kid with the car once. I never go to police but i accompanied his roomate several times and it was quite clear that the police would not do anything even though there were many nasty msgs some homophobic in nature that the police stated were freedom of speech. (I guess hate laws only apply when criticizing the state of Israel). One night the abusive ex shows up on there door and an altercation broke out the comrade was charged as was the roomate but not the abusive ex. The roomates charges were given a discharge and the judge blasted the police fuckery. I dont know nor will I comment on the specifics of the incident but if someone came to my door to harm me or those I care about I will use reasonable force as described by the criminal code under defense of a third party to keep mine safe. Is that not the ideaad behind the Alan Ryans Peoples Community Defense Brigade to make the community a place free from horizontal anti working class violence and defend our community all following the criminal code of canada?

Yet our comrade still on bail was breached twice or three time, once on the word of an informant who is a complete violent raging ass, and the other time for this case. I spoke to many people and lawyers and it was quite obvious that this was a mix up that would be sorted soon. Now the comrade was to attend the ILPS conference in Toronto and then meet comrades in Ottawa. A wee bit of background on this person he started as a dad who lost his son not cause he was a guy but cause the other person had connections and money. He got involved in the CAS movement and saw the divisiveness that the mens rights movement has done and realized this is a class issue. He looked at the rest of the system and saw the same. So he went from being a single issue person to a critic of the whole imported westminister system of British common law. Then he hooked up with me. The state sees this as dangerous because this is the point where one person stops seeing bad apples and sees the whole system is corrupt also with his sway in the Irish/Newfie community this makes him a target. Thursday passed we were told he would get out on friday, the weekend passed and the state threatened to bring up my whole political history which we did once before when i bailed him out as well as my work with Irish Republicans and our work around CAS. We said bring it if you want to put our politics on trial it will be your system on trial. Wednesday passed there was two hours set aside for just grilling me and there were no cases to be heard, yet they would not bring him out. I asked lawyers to pass msgs none were passed, I asked the Salvation Army Lady to pass on msgs and she said i should let him rot in jail. I tried through Julian ways to send him a kite (prison note) that was also not gotten to him The idea was to make him feel isolated and force a plea. This did not happened. A friend inside told me a huge shank was confiscated and it was for him, there were other attempts of provocation including a sucker punch. Once again remand and it was quite clear they were not going to put me or the comrade on the stand, so the final Wednesday we brought 7 impeccable sureties still most were rejected except the ace up my sleeve, and even that one the defence lawyer grilled him for hours and left him alone in a room to stew. This one said i have lived under dictatorship do they think i am stupid to fall for there tricks? Our Comrade was finally released unbent and unbroken!!!! Yet this case like so many other highlights the two tear system one for rich and one for the poor and the use of psychos as informants particularly the key witness in the breech, who is using his police protection to carry on.

Tent City Second Day Despite Rain We Are Still Going Strong

18 Aug

Despite the rain and the constant sounds of sirens we held our ground at Tent City serving several meals a day as well as creating a safe space for people to sleep. It is quite clear from the stories of people at Tent City that our needs for our social programs that we have proposed to us it is a matter of life and death as people are freezing in the streets dieing from fentynol laced over doses or shot like dogs on the streets by killer pigs. If the downtown community cant get along with poor people and aim to socially cleanse us, then we have the right to a space of our own where we can talk about the problems we are facing and come with solutions

Tent City Launch Donations Needed

17 Aug

Yesterday, We launched tent city to push forward our agenda that there needs to be a 24 hour drop in center that provides harm reduction services for addicts, programs to keep people off of drugs and a place where people can solve the problems they are facing by discussing, analyzing, and implementing

The events went well, is going well and we are in need of donations, tents, blankets, food, clothes, gas money, whatever you can do. We are currently in discussion with the region about our proposal and we feel that tent city highlights the need for the implementation of our proposal.

ILPS Conference a success

14 Aug

This past weekend the ILPS hosted a conference to combat war and fascism that is growing out of the impunity of the newly elected president of the United Snakes of American. Speakers included Leila Khalid, comrades from Kurdistan, Jose Maria Sinson, and the mass organizations from many different countries.

Workshops and discussion laid the ground work for a way forward for all groups resisting these attacks. Local comrades from Peoples Defense discussed alternatives here and a delegation was sent to support our Indigenous comrades. KW was out in force and the Last speaker on the Panel was Martin Rafferty of the 32CSM whom sent revolutionary greetings to the Venezuelan people fighting the right wing attacks and forces fighting for sovereignty and socialism. He then outlined the present situation in Ireland and what must be done to put the Republican agenda front and center

North America Wide Phone jam to Free Tony Taylor Tuesday, Tomorrow!!!!

14 Aug

For over 500 days Tony Taylor has been ripped apart from his family and thrown in cage like a bad kafka story with out charge or crime. Locked like a dog for the simple fact that he is an Irish Republican!!!!!Enough!!!!! No more Internment free Tony Taylor!!!!!

This Tuesday the 15th lets do something about call the Embassy or Consulate near you and demand justice. This is going on all day!!!!

British Consulate Toronto (416) 593-1290

British High Commission Ottawa 1 613 237 1530

in Washington, DC
3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
DC 20008
United States

in San Francisco, CA
1 Sansome Street, Suite 850
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in Texas
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in New York
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