The Dred Scott verdict alive and well in Kitchener

20 Dec

As those who follow me on facebook know we have been fighting to keep open a store in downtown Kitchener that serves the community by allowing poor people to run a tab, get free food and have a roof over their heads when the weather is too cold.

This store has been the target of gentrification and social cleansing since the site of poor people disturbs the appetites of the rich who recently moved next door and as such Nadine the store owner has been the target of racist attacks by
the gatekeepers of Kitchener, the same ones that allowed Neo Nazi Wolfegang Drouge set up European Sound a front for the Heritage Front, invite holocaust denier Zundel and other revisionist scum to spew there filth and set up a bank account after world war 2 for the relocation of NAZI WAR CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!

The latest attack happened today in court as Nadines lawyer stated that she had a matter and to move the case to later in the afternoon. The judge agreed only to wait for Nadines lawyer to leave ands proceed without Nadines lawyer precent. The judge then ordered Nadine to leave her store serving her with a document that was clearly drafted and created before the court case even began.

In 1857 Dred Scott took up arms to defend his loved ones from racist lynch mobs at his case his lawyers argued in self defence only to be told that there is no right a black man has that a white man is bound to respect. Today in 2019 the Superiour court of Ontario shamefully upheld the Dred Scott desision, with this being what the courts stand for it is up to all people who believe in basic human dignity to defend Nadine and call the mayors office at 519-741-2345 and say what they think.

Public meeting on lessons from Tent City and presentation to City Council a Success

9 Oct

On Oct. 7th a public meeting was held at the Queen Street Commons to discuss the lessons from tent city. This discussion included an intervention from VANDU and their experience dealing with the opiate epidemic in Vancouver. Discussion . on Safe Suply and the need ror those affected directly being the decision makers was key.It was pointed out that during the weeks of October 22nd to September 12th when the tent city was engaging in safe supply there was zero overdoses in the applied areas as well as significant drop in crime and addicts were able to live normal lives and be productive members of society.

This was followed by a presentation at city council where we put forward our answers to the drugs problem we were invited by council to participate in the region sub committee to make our proposal a reality.

here is our proposal

here is our presentation to council i start seaking around the 18 minute mark

Tent City attacked

4 Oct

Tent City was attacked two nights ago a group of right wing hooligans with machetes and baseball bats. 5 tents were destroyed and two people were beaten so badly that they needed to go to the hospital. This attack on tent is is one of many recent attacks on progressive forces by reactionaries who act knowing that they have state support, particularly the city of Cambridge backing them up. The city of Cambridge , particularly the mayors office is guilty of inciting these forces through there use of anti poor people rhetoric. Tent City feels they have the right now to do what they must to defend themselves and these attacks will not go unanswered.Like the good book says eye for eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burn for burn wound for wound.

Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade meets Prime Minister and Mayor

3 Oct

On September 16th Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Kitchener Waterloo. The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade used this opportunity to address issues of Safe Supply, the Opioid Crisis and Venezuela. The next day members os this organization met with the Mayor discuss our proposal to solve the drugs problem that is killing many people in Kitchener. The discussion went quite well and will be followed up by a presentation to council on Monday at 7. Shortly before this presentation there with be a public consultation and report on Tent City and the drugs crisis at 5pm at Queen Street Commons

Computer Missing Reward Given

15 Sep

several weeks ago a computer was stolen from me it is a mac with some of the keys not working and its value is shit except to my family due to the content on the computer.

On this computer is alot of important documents that i need are there including the last writings of my mother who passed away in 2010.This writing is not published and cant be replaced This work is irreplaceable and my father is willing to pay a reward o 100 dollars for its return.I will also give a reward as well. Anyone with information that can lead to the recovery of this computer please email me at or get ahold of me or my dad

Tent City Conference resolutions

11 Sep

Tent City 2019 Conference

7 Sep