In Toronto People Stand with Venezuela

17 Oct

Yesterday a variety of social forces including the ILPS, CPC, CPC (ML), the 32s, Women Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu and others held a demonstration outside the canadian minister of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freelands office in support of Venezuela and against canadian intervention in Venezuela and in support of the elections in which the Chavistas won 75 per cent of seats.

Chrystia Freeland who is very proud of her gramps who was a NAZI is now trying to implement her grandpa’s policies by backing up NAZIS in The Ukraine as well as attacking any progressive state. Her current attacks on Venezuela deserved a swift response and yesterday it was quite clear that people here in Toronto are repulsed by her fascistic policies

Despite attempted provocations people held their ground were disciplined and stood united with the Bolivarian Revolution and Maduro.


The Christine Connor I Know

14 Oct

Over the last year the media has gone all out to attack demonize and criminalize Christine Connor. In a usual sexist manner she is being portrayed as some sort of femme fatale and instead of dealing with her politics like most woman she is being attacked sensationalized and commodified based on her gender as opposed to what she stands for. Even in progressive circles this type of slander that only a woman would face is not only allowed to be spread but actually believed. The idea that she somehow convinced young men to engage in armed struggle not only demeans Christine and her beliefs but demeans the political stands that people have taken and basically states that men have no minds of their own and whatever political views they held are irrelevant because Christine somehow cast a spell on them and they no longer could think for herself. Im surprised that they have not yet accused her of witchcraft and burnt her at the stake.

I myself know Christine Connor first as writing to her in jail and later talking to her and her family extensively over the phone etc. We first really started taking to each other while she was on house arrest and G4S would do everything in their power to make her life miserable. From home invasions to constant harassment the shit her and her family went through at the hands of the G4S , used as a proxy by the british state, was some real next level shit that had it happened in some Muslim Country we probably would be at war with them to bring them democracy and all that shit.

After that we would talk about all sorts of things most of which were political and while she was dealing with all sorts of shit from the state she would take the time to talk to me about the shit I was (and still am) going through at the hands of homeland security which pales in comparison to the shit she was dealing with. She always struck me as a principled Republican who always put politics in command and her honesty and openness about her politics and her views on things was a breath of fresh air.

We would also talk about everything from my health to the latest police bullshit to the present political situation globally and she always struck as a person who is kind caring and her hatred for injustice of any kind was inspirational.Ironically, given the way that the media is treating her, one topic we discussed several times is the sexism in the revolutionary movement as whole and the bullshit way woman in any political scene get treated.

Her conversations were honest open and principled. I am glad to have been able to talk and learn from her and consider her political views very well-developed, thought out, logical open and inspirational. I stand with Christine Connor and am very glad to have been able to talk to her learn from her and grow politically.

Attempted abduction of our comrade will garner swift response from Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade

13 Oct

“Any revolutionary movement that cannot defend its own membership, and cannot demonstrate its capability of defending its own membership, goes out of business anyway. We are in business as a serious revolutionary organisation and we are not going to be put out of business by anybody. The IRSP is organised and it is here to stay.” (Seamus Costello, March 1975.)

Earlier this week there was an attempt to abduct one of our comrades from the downtown area. We of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade take this quite seriously and are engaged in an extensive investigation using all our sources to find out the nature of this action and who is behind it. As this happened in a public place and police and the state sat by it is quite clear that we must use our own resources to find out what happened and sort it out. If it is a pervert he will be confronted and exposed, if this is a political attack carried out by a pervert on the police payroll as we know many who are the same thing will happened. If it is Omega team under covers or any of the shitbags that gather intelligence for the police they will also be exposed and confronted.

Any further attacks on our comrades from any source will be dealt with swiftly and brutally according to the criminal code of canada which allows self defense of a third party. Anyone with information dont go to the police as they will probably tip off the perpetrator so as they can disapear, come tell your local representative of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade.

Alan Ryan People Community Defense Brigade to take over free food serving and clean up Ceder Hills Community of Scum bags

12 Oct

On Tuesday a new unit of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade was formed. The purpose of this new unit is to take over the free food program that the city shut down forcing people who rely on this to go without as well as to start community patrols of the Ceder hills community. The Ceder Hills Community is one of the poorest areas in Kitchener with an average income of 16 000 dollars an year for a family of 4. The poverty line in canada is 45 000 dollars a year. Due to the poverty and neglect by the city that wants to run this place into the ground so that they can build condos for the rich this area is highly targeted by parasitical agents who aim to exploit those who are already fucked over by the state.

Drug abuse, sexual trafficking and gang violence, particularly from racist scum bags id rampant and the state is using this pretext to shut down housing and have declared it a zone in a zone which means that stop and searches are an every day thing. Despite the fact that white people are per capita the biggest drug consumers and dealers it is minorities that are targeted by what is known as carding.

We plan to carry out the legacy of Alan by actually serving the people defending them from scum landlords sexual predators and Nazi death dealers. Our first food serving will be this Saturday at 4 and our first patrol will take place next Friday.

Meeting with Region Lays Groundwork For implementing proposal to solve drugs problem next meeting will be October 27th

12 Oct

On Tuesday we met with the Region to discuss our proposal on solutions to the drugs problem. The proposal was seen as something very positive and we discussed what must be done to implement it. We decided that we need to bring more social agencies on board and try to get as many in kind contributions as possible. We discussed possible obstacles and how to over come them. Our next meeting with social agencies and interested parties will take place at the Kitchener Public Library at 1 pm on Friday October 27th. All are welcome.

32CSM Int. Dept. Take over Liberal office in solidarity with INAC protesters!!!!!No More Native Suicides

12 Oct

On Tuesday members of the 32CSM International Department took over the Liberal office in Kitchener Center in solidarity with our Indigenous comrades whom have been camping outside the INAC office (office of Native Genocide and assimilation) since the summer demanding that the Trudeau government do something about the suicide epidemic that is plaguing the Native community. Our demands were quite simple that the demands of the protesters be met and something to be done about this campaign of genocide where children as young as 9 are taking their lives. We chose to do this because as an organization that is fighting against the Irish genocide going on in the North of Ireland our organization here on Turtle island has an obligation to support those who are resisting the genocide carried out by the kkkanadian state and we will not be good Germans sitting outside the gates of Auschwitz with our eyes closed ignore the genocide going on here. The occupation lasted several hours and when we finally met with the Liberal MP our demand was quite clear meet with listen to and implement the demands of the INAC protesters, end the suicide epidemic which is part and parcel of the colonialism implemented by the state. More occupations are to come until this matter is addressed

cops illegally try to enter my home ruin my morning coffee and ask me stupid questions about 32CSM

8 Oct

Yesterday morning at 4 am i woke up as usual to the dismay of my partner to have my morning coffee listen to motley crue and blog. Given my current health issue the so called coffee was instant de caf chickory root shite. I pour myself my coffee or what passes for coffee go to the backyard sit down and prepare to light my cigerrette when i see a tactical unit officer attempting to enter my home through the back door. I say this better be a fucken hallucination from the nitro glyrerin or ambian cause you have no fucken right to be here. The cop then pointed his flashlight to my eyes with his hand still on his gun and i can see others.

At this point in time the cellphone that i borrowed from my partner starts playing when i get out by ciaran murphy i shut it off. He asks me my name and then the unit number to which i dont answer and then starts asking me questions about the 32CSM and Irish Republicanism. I reply that I dont talk to Crown Forces. The pig then starts threatening to arrest me under the new anti terror law to which i reply arrest me. I then go inside and lock the door.

I send a fb msg to two comrades telling them what the plan is in case of arrest this plan has been laid out and approved already, as well as my fb is monitored so the pigs will know im not fucking around. I tell some other comrades what the craic is then when i take my face out of the phone i see my partner in the living room and they are really concerned and want to go see what is up. I argue that they need to go back to the bedroom and stay there. They keep on looking sad and upset and i tell them i dont have time to worry about you and me please listen to me. They go to where they are suppose to be looking upset and annoyed. This is good because the plan was if they got in I would turn myself over to them and not let them get into the house.

I called a member of parliment i get on with and they answer this better be important Julian, im like would i call at 4 45 am if it was not important to which she responds yes you do all the time. I told her what the craic was and told her to call off the dogs. Shortly after the police retreat behind the tree line. After that they leave.

After trying to figure out why they would try to enter at 4 am with people there discussion leads us to the understanding that i was suppose to be in the hospital but due to economic reasons the shittyness of treatment of people without a proper healthcard or coverage and my general exhaustion I did not go. (I called the hospital and they literally told me that all they would do is get my bp down and discharge me unless i had the above stated things these i can do at home) This pattern of harassment is fucked up and from now on if I leave my home to go to the hospital it would never be unoccupied. I never got to listen to motley crue and my shite coffee turned cold and more shitty so i had to get a de caf from tim hortons.

These attacks dont scare us and just prove that we are doing something right as the pigs wont even follow their own laws if they want to search my residence get a fucken warrant.