Public Housing Clinic This Monday

20 Oct

Monday October 24th 1:30pm
Mill Courtland Community Centre
Mill and Stirling Kitchener

This Monday October 24th at 1 30 pm the Region will host a public clinic for people to sihn up for affordable housing, welfare, childcare, legal assistance, and a variety of other programs that poor people need. This is a result of pressure that we put on the city demanding that the city and region take up social responsibility and provide the necessary services that people need to survive.

Of the 3 demands that we put forward at city hall we are happy that the city has met the third point and we will continue to fight for the other two points, that those without housing from the previous clinic be given housing now and that the security guards at city halland bus terminal sop criminalizing poor people.

We look forward to Monday and hope to see everyone there. All Welcome!!!!

Despite Zionist and Orange Order Shenannigans Green Party Meeting On BDS and Palestine was a success

18 Oct

14712834_10206020313661740_5406181156839256746_oYesterday at the University of Waterloo the Green Party invited Dimitri Lascaris, Rehab Nazzal and Wendy Goldsmith to discuss the Green Party resolution in support of the use of the BDS tactic to stop illegal Israeli settlements as well as the present condition of the occupation and the experience that Wendy Goldsmith had as a passenger on the Womans Gaza Flotilla.

The presentation covered a variety of issues such as the illegal blockade on Gaza, the impact that illegal settlements have on Palestinians and the impact of the occupation on the people of Palestine. Despite the objective and scientific nature of the presentations the meeting was sort of hijacked by a well known member of the orange order who is well known for his disruptive and argumentative nature and a young Zionist. In the past this person has approached me and my friends after the murder of Beau Baker by police justifying the killing, has rationalized interment in Ireland as well as the genocide of indigenous people and is well known for saying the stupidest and most offensive shit.

Despite the fact that it was quite clear neither of them knew what they were talking about and both were clearly suffering a severe case of offensive verbal diarrhea the speakers kept their cool and answered all their questions calm and rationally even though it was quite clear that the purpose of their questions was to disrupt and not to engage in any constructive dialogue.

In the face of this and the last minute changes to the venue as well as other fuckerys the msg of Dimitri and the other speakers to support the BDS resolution and to come to Calgary early December was quite clear. The Kitchener Green Party Riding Association is sending a delegation to this convention to stand with the Palestinian people and to defend their inner party democracy. I look forward to hearing about this convention when the Kitchener Greens return.

This Past Monday Tent City Raised Its Demands To City Hall Despite Police Harrasment

28 Sep

On Monday myself and comrades from Tent City went to present to City Hall our concerns and demands that we came up with at our public meeting September 18th. These demands is that the city finish housing everyone at tent city, that their be an end to anti poor people discrimination by security at city hall and the bus terminal and that the region and the city set up community clinics where they go to the community and help people access services like housing, welfare and such and be proactive in making sure that the people who need help accessing these services do so.

As soon as i arrived I was greeted by police who feel that they have a right to intimidate me and others from participating in my democratic right to address address council. Also their was a strange sign that stated that people are not allowed to have protest signs in the council chambers.

Seeing these extra precautions taken by security and police due to the fact that I was presenting as a sort of criminalization of my politics I stated clearly that I would not allow police to interfere with my rights to address council and that if i was in anyway unlawfully interfered with by police and state agents there would be serious political repercussion.

We then went and presented our three points and had a 60 year old organizer from tent city talk about the harassment he had to endure at the hands of security and bylaw due to the fact that he is homeless. He also talked about his experience at tent city and the fact that despite the fact that the majority of people who signed up he is still sleeping on the streets.

Our presentation ended with us pointing out how these issues are political issues and should be addressed as such and not be addressed as law and order issues. I pointed out the and thanked the region for the way the issue of tent city was dealt with by the region as opposed to the way the police has handled and is continuing to handle this issue.

This presentation was followed by questions and two points that were raised was our position on the drug problem and how we police ourselves, particularly the issue of the use of force. I responded by stating that we believe that our rights our inalienable and in the absence of a police service that rules on behalf of the rich problems need to be sorted by the community.
I gave the example of when Gloria from Bylaw came to visit us and a nazi on meth attacked us and asked how do you deal with these issues without resorting to force and self defense. These issues were answered but honestly they need to be better elaborated and I hope over the next few days to write something up for discussion.

The presentation was well received and in terms of the first and third demand we are already working with regional workers on this and are setting up a housing and social services clinic on October 24th at 1pm at the Mill Courtland Community Centre. We will work with the region to make sure the second is also dealt with.

Actions Across Canada on Saturday Demanding Justice For the Craigavon Two

28 Sep

14448847_10157499895570611_6386134726980989114_n1On Saturday September 24th people in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto, Edmonton, and Fredericton took to the streets demanding Justice for the Craigavon Two. Vancouver will be hosting a discussion as part of this day of action on Oct. 5th and Montreal will be hosting an action on Friday.

In Kitchener people handed out flyers with a statement in support of the Craigavon Two which was followed by a banner drop inside the farmers market proper, which thousands of shoppers saw until we were removed by security.

In Toronto Police, RCMP, Consulate security and others went quite overboard harassing and intimidating myself and another comrade who was on the College Street entrance of the consulate. Their hatred of myself and my comrade was quite useful as they focused all their wrath on us that they ignored the other comrades many undocumented at the bay street entrance handing out flyers. When we started to leave to join them we were followed so we started handing out flyers at Younge and College only to have idiot security that works at the consulate blocking our sighn and trying to tell us that handing out literature on the side walk was illegal. They called the cops which was fine as we only spoke to them ten minutes ago and they were told to call 911. We continued to hand out flyers and they called 911 and such and we didnt really care. This day of action showed our capacity to plan actions around issues facing Irish Republicans from coast to coast as well as our ability to trick security and do what we need to do in the face of state repression

Tent City report back and organizing meeting a success

23 Sep

On September 18th comrades from Tent City as well as friends and supporters gathered to discuss the successes and failures of tent city as well as ways to move forward. Out of this discussion it became quite clear that despite the victory of the action the contradictions that gave rise to tent city are not yet resolved.

To further move things to their logical conclusion the people at this meeting came forward with a three point program that will create a more egalitarian Kitchener 1. Those individuals who signed up for housing whom have not been housed must be housed immediately. 2. Stop the war on the poor and end social cleansing 3. Send social and welfare workers into the community to provide services to those in need

This Monday the conclusions of this meeting and the three demands will be presented to city council at 7pm in the council chambers.14423742_10157414220855632_1273949988_o

Last weeks commemoration for Florica Batu Ichim, 6 years later we still miss you mom!!!!

20 Sep

Last week people from the downtown community and friends got together to remember Florica Batu Ichim at Mount Hope Cemetery. Six years after her death her loss is still raw, and the loss of Florica Batu Ichim still deeply impacts the community. People who came together to commemorate and remember her told stories of how she helped them and amazing things that she did.

Despite the fact that she did not identify as a socialist, she did more for the rights of the people in the downtown east end then 1000 Marxists/anarcho blabbermouths. The fact that she did this because of her sense of right and wrong as opposed to an ideology made her stands more just because she wasn’t fighting to win a final victory but rather she fought because injustice existed and in her frame work the fact that injustice may not ever be abolished is not a reason to not fight injustice, because to her its simple existence necessitated that some one take a stand.

At the end of the event and when all the story telling was done it was quite clear to all why we remember her and why six years later her death is still a great loss.

Report on commemoration in Toronto for Alan Ryan

14 Sep

This past Saturday people gathered in Ireland Park to commemorate the death of IRA volunteer Alan Ryan. The event started with a speech read from the 32CSM. This was followed by a speech from a member of the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front honoring Alan and all those who died fighting for 32 County Socialist Republic. This was followed by a speech from a member of Anti Colonial Working Group that stated the following points.

WE affirm our commitment to the 32CSM, its leadership goals and objectives. We honor the legacy of Alan Ryan and all that he stood for.

The speech then went over the work that we did over the last year and put it in context of our broader work goals aims and objectives and affirmed that our present line is correct, and we discussed our victory’s our short comings and what we could do better.

WE agree with the statement of Francis Mackey that its not enough to simply commemorate our dead or spew random quotes from Marx but rather our politics must be understood and upheld by the people in the community’s that we organize and the rhetoric is not enough. In terms of dealing with eviction and enmployment we used the examples of the victory at tent city, our stopping demolition of low income housing, our victorys in our social and political programs and the ability to unify our community against a common class enemy to get results and create a climate of combativeness where we teach the people that resistance is fertile and only by struggle we advance.

In terms of the drug problem, a problem close to Alans heart we have adopted a three prong approach that is quite sensible community programs to keep youth off of drugs harm reduction and programs to quit drug as well as a political program that gives people hope and gives people an alternative to their misguided anger and direct it at the state. In terms of the community’s we work in we affirm our right to defend ourselves and our community from anti social elements that seek to attack and control those whom we organize. This does not mean that we will go looking for fights or trouble but rather that we affirm our community’s right to exist from all exploitation legal and illegal

We affirm our commitment to Alans Legacy and seek to hold high his example not just in words but in deeds.